Here is the list of some serious Galaxy S9 issues and problems

Here is the list of some serious Galaxy S9 issues and problems

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ have been out for nearly a couple of weeks now. Several issues have been reported already, and the company has acted quickly in some of them. The reason these problems made it to headlines was primarily because a lot of users are/were affected.

However, we stumbled upon some complaints that are quite serious, but couldn’t get much attention as these were isolated cases. So here, in this story, we will highlight all the independent/isolated Galaxy S9 problems we’ve encountered so far.

1. Green screen – phone as good as dead

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Yes, somebody’s Galaxy S9 is now as good as dead, and that too without the user doing anything crazy with their unit. Here’s how they explain their case:

My Galaxy S9+ has just stopped working from r/GalaxyS9

Here’s what they are talking about:

To view the video, head here.

2. Left half of screen goes purple

Yes, that’s what happened with another Galaxy S9 user. They were just watching a YouTube video, when this happened:

Galaxy S9 half screen purple

Purple/black screen error on left side of screen from r/GalaxyS9

3. Camera going bonkers in super slow-mo mode

A user’s Galaxy S9 camera went so glitchy in the new Super slow-mo mode, that it …. see for yourself what it did:

Galaxy S9 super slow-mo mode

You can see the complete video here.

4. Camera showing matrix style white dots

Yes, another weird issue.

galaxy s9 white dots

See how the complainant explains it:

I just bought the S9 plus and when using either camera, it has a matrix style white dots running across the front. The dots are there on both videos and pictures. The dots are there regardless of HDR on or off. Resetting camera setting made no difference. Factory resetting the phone made no difference. The dots are present if the camera is in auto, live focus, pro and hyperlapse mode, but not in food mode or panorama mode

You can read the complete discussion here.

5. The pink lines problem

S9+ Pink Line Issue from r/GalaxyS9

Yep, this isn’t new – happened with Galaxy S7 and some S8s as well. But what’s baffling is why the same problem is present in Galaxy S9s? Is it so hard for a company like Samsung to completely remove this issue?

What do you think about these? Do you know about more such problems? Let us know in comments below.

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