Fortnite Is Destroying Schools, According To Teens And Teachers

Fortnite Is Destroying Schools, According To Teens And Teachers
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Many teachers, school administrators, and even students are complaining that the popularity of Fortnite is destroying schools.

Fortnite is the latest fad in the gaming community, with countless people of all ages battling it out to become the top dog in this Battle Royale extravaganza. With the engaging combat and unique construction mechanics all ported over beautifully to iPhone in a way that is so effective that gamers can play on an equal level with those on PC, it’s certainly hard to put down – and that’s becoming a problem for educators, with many saying that Fortnite Mobile is destroying schools.

Gaming during class has been around for far longer than the latest fad, and will likely be here long after Fortnite is gone. Students like to do whatever they can to avoid work and have a good time, and ever since the Game Boy was first launched, people have been discreetly playing their favorite games rather than participating in lectures or other classwork.

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Fortnite is destroying schools, many say, for multiple reasons that make it relatively unique when compared to gaming obsessions we’ve seen before. According to educators, administrators, and other students, Fortnite is destroying schools by clogging up WiFi, distracting from class, and encouraging onlookers to avoid their work as well.

The WiFi issue is a unique consideration that hasn’t really been a problem until now. With potentially hundreds of students playing Fortnite mobile on their iPhones during school, an incredible amount of data is being pushed through the school’s network – potentially making it much more difficult to accomplish day-to-day tasks like doing research or writing papers. While distractions have always been prominent in the classroom, Fortnite is destroying schools by making the educational experience less effective overall.

Additionally, with how enjoyable the game is to watch, even those who aren’t amazing at the game often get sucked into watching. Whether it’s a Twitch stream or the students are huddled around a single iPhone, it can be difficult for a teacher to hold the attention of a crowd that is already often disinterested by default. Fortnite is destroying schools largely due to the fact that it’s now pretty easy to access online entertainment.

While watching videos or live gameplay is a way in which Fortnite is destroying schools, the more obvious damage is with the students who are distracted from their studies by playing the game. Oftentimes students start their matches with the best intentions, playing a game or two during lunch when they’re allowed to access their phones. The problem is when a Fortnite match runs a little long and they’re close to winning, causing them to discreetly use their phone when they should be paying attention to class.

Fortnite is destroying schools largely because it became so big so quickly and launched a popular mobile version to allow kids to take the game on the road. PUBG has also seen similar issues with the recent mobile release, and it will be interesting to see what the educational landscape looks like in the near – both in terms of rules as well as the educational experience at large.

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