Earliest Stars Uncover Evidence Of Dark Matter

Earliest Stars Uncover Evidence Of Dark Matter
Credit: CSIRO Australia

Dark matter is one of the most mysterious and challenging things for scientists, and for a long time they have been trying to uncover true evidence of dark matter in the universe. Using radio wave signals, researchers have reached the time before the earliest stars shone in the universe, and they stumbled across something that seems to be evidence of dark matter.

The new research was conducted by researchers from Arizona State University (ASU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Colorado, Boulder. The researchers published a paper in the journal Nature. According to the scientists, the earliest stars of the universe were quite large, and they emitted large amounts of ultraviolet light. The UV radiation emitted from the stars interacted with hydrogen, which is the simplest of all elements, given its atom consists of one proton and one electron. Hydrogen was spread out across the early universe, as other chemicals were absent.

The hydrogen atoms that interacted with the UV radiation absorbed the photons from the cosmic microwave background (CMB).

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