How To Disable Facebook Last Active Feature

How To Disable Facebook Last Active Feature
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With the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal regarding Facebook’s use of private data, the issue of privacy came back to the forefront. While most of us are aware of the idea of a digital footprint and how difficult it is to scrub your personal information from the web, many were outraged in that Facebook was collecting data in a way which they didn’t expect or consent to – especially for people who don’t even have a Facebook account in the first place. With a large #deletefacebook campaign currently underway and the value of the company plummeting over the last few days, many are wondering if the company is here to stay into the future. While Facebook isn’t in such dire straits at this point in time, many are wondering how they can up their privacy as much as possible while using the platform. Here’s a guide on how to hide the Facebook last active notification on your profile in order to keep information regarding your activity on Facebook more guarded and less publicly available.

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The Facebook last active feature informs your friends when you were last active on the site, and the company does so by tracking your activity on the web. Additionally, the Facebook messenger app will show all of your friends when you’re online – perhaps opening you up to interaction when you weren’t’ in the mood to chat. While the Facebook last active feature isn’t necessarily nefarious on its own, it’s another instance of the company tracking users – a problem that many people are now hoping to avoid.

In order to hide your online status by disabling the Facebook last active feature, you can activate “invisible” mode and keep your Facebook last active time from showing on your friends list.

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The process to disable the Facebook last active feature is pretty simple. Just open your Facebook Messenger App, go to the “People” tab and then tap “Active” at the very top. This will show you a list of all of your friends that are active on the messenger app, and you can disable the toggle button next to your name to get rid of your Facebook last active notice.

There are some downsides to this situation, in that you won’t be able to see when your friends are online either. However, you can tap a contact in the list to see whether they’re online – meaning that you can’t see Facebook last active at a glance, but you’ll be able to see it upon a closer examination.

After following these steps, your Facebook last active status should be gone, and people won’t be able to see when you’re active. This is just a small step towards increasing your privacy on the website that many have complained is becoming increasingly invasive. While the public backlash seems to be prompting some responses from Facebook, the fact remains that the company has their hands on a significant amount of your data – whether it will ever be possible to completely erase that remains to be seen.

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  1. Or, how about just tell the steps here instead of bating others to give their email so you can spam them or something?

  2. Thank-you ‘waitingtofade1, I tried everything and this is the only method which works, but remember people, you can only do this from your computer browser, when done, it also turns off your phone green dot.

  3. This article is wrong. There is a difference between turning off “not online” and “was last online”. You can turn off showing that you are online or not but how to turn off the “was last online at xx”?

  4. I have my active status turned off on FB messenger, and it appears I am invisible while using messenger, however, when I use the FB app, my active status does show on messenger.

  5. Nonsense! You will still share your last seen stamp.
    Its the Facebook core feature, to violate every users privacy, its the foundation of the whole concept, and they will just keep blocking you from being able to do so.

  6. I just found out how to do it, but you must be logged on with a browser on a computer. First, go to Facebook Messenger by clicking on the messages icon on the top right and then clicking ‘See all in Messenger.’ Then on the top left, there’s a settings icon. Click it and then click on ‘Active Contacts.’ You’ll see your name with a toggle button to the right; if it’s green, then click it off, and you should be good!

  7. I have a ‘People’ tab at the bottom of the app, but there’s no such thing as an ‘active’ tab under ‘people.’ Except under my ‘Home’ tab at the bottom, there’s an ‘active’ tab at the top. But I don’t see myself. So I think this stupid article is stupidly bs, and they just don’t want to confess that there’s no way for us to hide our last active status on our own.

  8. I don’t have the ‘people’ tab, I have ‘messages’ ‘calls’ ‘groups’ – so how do I deactivate my last active status?

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