The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases To Get For Your Phone

While the Galaxy S9 has just released, there’s already a number of great options on the market to help you protect your investment. There’s nothing worse than dropping an expensive flagship on the ground and dealing with a cracked screen until it comes time to upgrade, so it’s important to purchase a high-quality case for your new phone. We’ve compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases from around the web to help you choose a winner when it comes to keeping your new smartphone in tip-top shape.

GOOSPERY Canvas Diary Wallet Case

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With phones continuing to grow in size, it’s sometimes becoming a hassle to carry around all the other various necessity. After all, pockets can get so big, and sometimes you don’t want to be carrying a purse when you’re just running out of the house for a few minutes. This is why the GOOSPERY Canvas Diary Wallet Case is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases. As a folio model, it allows you to lug around your cards and a bit of cash which turns your Galaxy S9 into a carrier for all the essentials as well.

Of course, it wouldn’t be one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases if it didn’t provide adequate protection, and you shouldn’t be worried about the safety of your phone with this high-end case. Additionally, using a synthetic leather design and an attractive fabric gives the case a premium look that can make it a perfect accessory to the perfect outfit. When you’re relaxing in bed at home, use the kickstand to watch your favorite shows hands-free on your new phone’s Super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases 2018 1

Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case

While the model above will certainly add some basic protection to your new phone, the Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case makes the list for its rugged durability – making it one of our top picks for best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases. If you’re a little harder on your phone and want to protect it from any accidental drops, the Olixar X-Ranger Survival case may truly be your best bet.

Despite the premium protection, the case also boasts a gorgeous aesthetic that means your phone will look good in addition to staying protected from the elements. All in all, the Olixar X-Ranger Survival Case is more than deserving of a spot on the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases list due to its ability to keep your phone safe without looking clunky or unattractive.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases 2018 1

Spigen Thin Fit

As mentioned above, phones are becoming bigger and bigger – the last thing you need is a case that makes your phone even larger than it already it is. Enter the Spigen Thin Fit. As one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases, it affords you a good amount of protection while managing to keep the profile of your phone as thin as it would be without a case. Additionally, it has a classy look that will keep your premium device looking just as good as it performs. While the Spigen Thin Fit may not offer the same protection as a case like the Olixar model, it’s a good balance between a slim profile and enough protection to keep your phone safe from the bumps and scuffs of everyday use.

S-View Flip Case with Kickstand

While there are many manufacturers that make some of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 phone cases around, sometimes it’s best to just order a model from the manufacturer themselves. Samsung makes some great cases that go along well with their excellent phones, and the S-View Flip Case with Kickstand is an excellent example of the fact.

While there’s a number of cases that Samsung has released for their newest addition to the smartphone lineup, the S View is definitely the coolest of the bunch. The case manages to protect both the front and back of the phone while using a semi-transparent cover that has the same color as the rest of the device. The semi-transparent cover adds protection while still giving you the ability to check your notifications. It’s also possible to fold the case backward, allowing you to use it as a kickstand to watch your favorite videos. Sometimes it turns out that the company themselves makes one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases.