Apple March 27 Event: We May See New iPads, Apple Pencil, And More

Apple March 27 Event: We May See New iPads, Apple Pencil, And More
Image source: Apple

The Apple March 27 event is quickly approaching, and many are wondering what exactly we’ll see announced from the company. Expect new iPads and more to be announced at this upcoming education-centric conference.

As mentioned above, the star of the show for the Apple March 27 event is likely going to be the iPad. Apple has made a big deal out of their partnership with Chicago schools, and has recently refocused the marketing around their iPad line with a somewhat controversial commercial where a young girl accomplishes everything she needs to get done on the tablet, and doesn’t seem to know what a computer is when asked. While the iPad is probably not yet at the point where it can completely replace a Mac or PC, it’s certainly an excellent tool both for entertainment and education – and this event will likely focus on the latter. Expect a lower-priced iPad to be announced, making the devices more accessible for schools and making Apple a more viable option for integration into the average school system.

The Apple March 27 event was announced just a little while ago with an invitation reading “Join us to hear creative new ideas for teachers and students…Let’s take a field trip.” The event will be held at the Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. We expect Apple to make at least a few major announcements about their product lines – specifically focusing on iOS devices and features that can be used to enhance the educational experience. We shouldn’t expect a new MacBook announcement so soon, but that’s likely in the works for later this year or early next year as well.

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