Activist Performance In The Spotlight

Activists continued to lag major indices in 2017, according to Activist Insight data.

Activist-targeted stocks returned an average Annualised 13.2%* in 2017, well short of the S&P 500 Index’s 21.8% gain. The data, revealed in The Activist Investing Annual Review 2018, includes stocks invested in during and prior to the start of 2017, so long as they were held for at least two months.

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At the end of the third quarter of 2017, the Activist Insight Index, made up of the net returns of more than twenty activist hedge funds, had returned 10.7%, compared to 14.3% for the S&P 500 Index total return.

Activists performed particularly well in the health, technology and industrial goods sectors, according to the Annual Review.

*Follower returns is a calculation of stock price change percentage from the first close in 2017 or, if the investment was disclosed in 2017, the close on the date an activist’s first involvement is disclosed until the sooner of the last close in 2017 or the date an activist discloses that they have exited the position. Average Annualised follower return calculated using a trimmed mean of 10%.

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Compounded Activist Insight Index versus S&P 500 and MSCI World indexes since 2009

Activist Performance

Annualised follower returns* of activist investments in 2017

Activist Performance

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