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Point Nemo

Point Nemo: The graveyard for spacecrafts on Earth

One place China's Earth-bound and out-of-control spacelab, Tiangong-1, will probably not hit on Sunday is the forlorn spot in the southern Pacific Ocean where it was...
best and worst space movies

Tupperware helps NASA grow fresh vegetables in space

For decades, airtight plastic containers have been synonymous with keeping baked goods and leftovers fresh. Now a manufacturer of iconic, household plasticware is helping...
Tom Gayner Reading Albert Frere

Podcast: Eric Balchunas’s Adventures In ETF Land (Wes)

Here is a link to our podcast on Behind the Markets See 2017 Hedge Fund Letters. ETF guru Eric Balchunas discusses his adventures in the ETF...
Tom Gayner Reading Albert Frere

Passive Investing May Not Work For Fixed Income. But What Does?

Gene Tannuzzo explains why a strategic beta approach makes a lot of sense in fixed income, particularly relative to traditional passive strategies. See 2017 Hedge...
Target-Date Funds Rising Rates

Do Your Target-Date Funds Measure Up To Rising Rates?

Rising US interest rates could pose a challenge for target-date funds (TDFs) that concentrate on “core” US fixed-income exposure. Diversifying across a broad range...
Rising Rates

What To Do About Rising Rates? Just Give It Time.

Worried about rising rates? Don’t take your money out of the municipal market and put it in cash. That could cost you. See 2017 Hedge...
Facebook Leaked Memo

Facebook Leaked Memo Adds More Fuel To Fire In Privacy Scandal

A Facebook leaked memo has landed the company in hot water once again, as it suggests that the company values business over user safety. A...
LG G7 ThinQ Launch Date

LG G7 And OnePlus 6: The Future Challengers For Apple And Samsung Phones

With the launch of the iPhone X, we saw a design change that we hadn’t seen before: the introduction of the Notch. While the...
Zombie epidemic kill humanity

Steven Pinker: Humanity is fighting back against the Grim Reaper

Author Steven Pinker explains how life spans have skyrocketed in the past two centuries.   Learn more at http://b-gat.es/2Eac9LN

Why Do We Get Financial Crises? Pt. 2: Debt Cycles

https://youtu.be/6DXtLFTo22E Watch Part 1 Here! Credit is what drives the economy. Credit gives us booms, busts, and financial crises. And credit is what creates debt cycles....
Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Launch Of New Ultra-Efficient Plant In Indonesia

Background Polyplex (Thailand) Public Company Limited is part of the Polyplex group and produces polyester film, which is mainly used in the food industry for...
best easter quotes sayings

Unique And Best Easter Quotes / Sayings / Greetings

PAGE DEDICATED TO BEST EASTER QUOTES, SAYINGS AND GREETINGS Best Easter quotes page is a great place for various unique and best quotes about Easter – probably...
Huawei Y7 Prime 2018

Huawei Y7 Prime 2018 Now Available For Pre-order

The smartphone offers top notch flagship features at an amazing price, bringing the HUAWEI experience to more people If you are craving to upgrade your...
Economic Uncertainty And Increased Volatility

Will Geopolitics Fuel Global Volatility?

Economic trends clearly point toward higher inflation and interest rates ahead, which will likely make capital markets more volatile. Based on recent headlines, politics...
bioinspired surface water from air

Researchers devised slippery rough surface that can harvest water from air

By learning how water is collected by living organisms, including rice leaves and pitcher plants, scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas created...