Xbox Games With Gold: Check Out This March Lineup

Xbox Games With Gold: Check Out This March Lineup
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Microsoft has once again revealed the Xbox Games With Gold coming next month, and there are some standout titles that have gamers pretty excited.

The reveal of the new Xbox Games With Gold titles came much sooner than anticipated, considering we usually get the news pretty close to the beginning of the month. Receiving news of the lineup a week earlier makes the wait even more agonizing, especially considering the great titles we have to look forward to next month for Xbox Live subscribers.

However, while you wait you can take advantage of a sale in the Microsoft Store on a number of EA games. Whether you buy into the controversy regarding the company’s business practices, there’s no denying that EA makes excellent games, with titles ranging from Star Wars: Battlefront to FIFA 18, Madden 18, and Battlefield 1 Revolution receiving significant discounts.

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Xbox Games With Gold will bring a number of titles to gamers, but the main standouts are Trials of the Blood Dragon and Superhot, which are both excellent titles. Superhot is best experienced as a virtual reality title and is one of the best games for that format currently on the market, but it’s a great experience even if you don’t have access to VR.

The full Xbox One lineup for Xbox Games With Gold is listed below, and we’ve also included the Xbox 360 backward compatible titles. Microsoft’s console stands out from the PlayStation 4 in terms of being able to access older games, so an Xbox Live subscription gives you access to great classics without having to dust off the old Xbox 360.

Trials of the Blood Dragon, available March 1 – 31

“Discover an epic single player experience with the unique combination of competitive, precise, physics-based Trials gameplay- and rather less precise gun toting, balls swinging, neon-drenched Blood Dragon action.

Journey through a colorful story with warzones in Vietnam, settling scores in Miami, confronting TV heroes in Tokyo and the odd detour into Space. Hell, you’re gonna go to Hell and back. The future is back. Are you ready?”

Superhot, available March 16 – April 15

“SUPERHOT is the first person shooter where time moves only when you move.

With its mesmerising gameplay and unique, stylized graphics SUPERHOT aims to finally add something new and disruptive to the FPS genre.

See the bullets crawling towards you as you carefully plan your steps and aim your gun. Enjoy the mayhem that is unleashed as you put that plan into motion.”

Brave: The Video Game, available March 1 – 15

“Brave: The Video Game invites players to run, jump and battle their way through the rugged landscape of mythical and mysterious Scotland. By using their wits and bravery, gamers will also be able to wield a sword and bow and arrow to defeat fierce enemies, break a magical curse and save a kingdom.”

Quantum Conundrum, available March 16 – 31

“Find and rescue your uncle by using his newest invention to work your way through a crazy complex mansion as you switch between dimensions and solve puzzles!”

This lineup brings some excellent free games to subscribers of Xbox Games With Gold. Microsoft’s system isn’t quite as fleshed out as Sony’s PlayStation Plus, but the Xbox Live version does offer some backward compatible titles that put it ahead of what PlayStation has to offer. Whether you’re looking to sink your teeth into a recent Xbox One title or you’d like to relive some Xbox 360 nostalgia, the titles with this month’s Xbox Games With Gold make up a lineup you don’t want to miss.

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