Volkswagen Seeks Inspiration From Apple Products For Its Electric Cars

Volkswagen Seeks Inspiration From Apple Products For Its Electric Cars
Image Source: Apple/YouTube (screenshot)

Apple products have a unique and simple design philosophy that sets them apart from rival offerings. Apple’s product design acumen has made it the world’s most valuable company. The tech giant is working on its own autonomous electric cars. It’s too early to say where the project is headed, but it is still at least a few years away. Meanwhile, the unique design philosophy of Apple products has inspired Volkswagen on how to design their upcoming electric vehicles.

Klaus Bischoff, the brand design chief at Volkswagen, told Reuters that the German automaker was looking at Apple products for styling their future electric cars. Bischoff said the objective was to adopt an Apple-like design template to turn around Volkswagen’s profits in the rapidly growing EV market. The new “significant, purist, and clear” design template marks a departure from the German company’s vehicle design before the massive “dieselgate” scandal in 2015. Volkswagen’s past design conveyed its engineering prowess, says Reuters.

Klaus Bischoff added that the company was in the process of “redefining” its values “for the age of electrification.” He has been with the automaker for more than two decades, and has been serving as the core brand’s design chief for the past decade. Talking to Reuters, Bischoff said things were “very centralized” in the past. But now his team is doing “things that didn’t use to exist that way.”

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