The Importance of Teachers in a Technology- driven World

The Importance of Teachers in a Technology- driven World
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A chalkboard, books, and homework are all about the traditional way of learning which is being used in 90’s. But the world has changed so our model of learning is also changed.

In today’s technology-driven world, where more and more people are joining the debate about, what is personalized learning?

Let’s discuss the traditional and the personalized way of learnings.

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Personalized learning is the learning through technology, the technology that can offer new tools which are powerful and well-designed, which can help teachers and students to customize their own ways of new learning.

The objective of Personalization is to promote and encourage the students and the teachers to reach for more. Personalization in education ensures student individual needs are met.

Features and benefits of personalized learning:

Personalized learning is great for many reasons.

  • It is designed in such a way that involves each student’s progress, and understanding.
  • Maintains each student’s interest throughout the learning process.
  •  It helps increasing student’s self-confidence.
  • It focuses on each student’s strengths and weaknesses and gives authority to teachers in the classroom.
  • It allows teachers to focus on what really matters according to the outcomes of each learner.
  •  It improves student’s self-image.

Today’s education system needs to adopt new learning methods that are able to support the individual learner’s goals and gives the freedom of new learning and teaching.

  • Personalized learning in today’s life can prepare students for a ready tomorrow. It’s for the learner to take ownership for tomorrow.
  •  New education system encourages interactions between teachers and students. It helps in improving the relationships with the teachers; where the teacher is a mentor.
  • Personalized learning promotes the achievements of each individual.
  • It gives students the freedom to identify their capabilities and potential.
  • Personalization in education system creates a new atmosphere where thinking, questioning, and new imagination is encouraged.

Is technology replacing teachers?


Personalized learning is not the idea of replacement of teachers in this technology-driven world.

Giving students more ownership does not mean that the teachers give up their responsibility to direct students learning. Personalized learning is taught in such a way that helps teachers to understand their student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide students the support they need and when they need.

There is a very beautiful quote by Alfie Kohn –

“Personalized learning requires the presence of a caring teacher who knows each student well.”

So personalized learning is not an offer for technology to replace teachers. It is not giving each child their own gadgets (their own iPad and pair of earbuds) while the teacher to enjoy. If that were the case, we would make students sit in front of big screens and let technology lead the lecture without any engagement and lack of focus on the students.

Teachers in this technology-oriented world have its own place:

  • Teachers prepare students for an ever-changing world with a way to all the types of information.
  • They can be the best guides for students and can shape their educational experiences.
  • They can help students by engaging them with different learning tools that can help in adding greater value and support deeper learning with different technology.
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So we believe that it is not only the technology itself but how technology is educated by teachers in a learning environment, that leads to success.

In this tech-driven world where students now more attracted towards different personalized methods of learning and this gets even better with the assignment help.

Teachers can do that in three ways:

  • Reclaim your classroom by flipping the class-  this is done by Making the videos of lectures and assigning students their homework, to make more use of class time to understand students by talking and asking them.
  • Reclaim the homework by learning analytics- online assignment can help teachers to understand their individual student need.
  • Hire a tutor by Adaptive learning- where the students learning is done with help of different online software’s according to the unique needs, so that they can masters the basic and come to class prepared.

Right now teachers with the help of technology are playing a much more important role in warming up students for a changing world with unlimited access to various forms of information.


Teachers or Technology!

Technology on its own solves nothing but, can help teachers better in meeting the needs, skills, and interest of the students. Technology is meant to go hand in hand.

Well, it’s not the technology itself, which can make a change. But the main art lies with the teachers on how well they use this technology to get the best results for their student’s careers.

Teachers can personalize their own system to collect their student’s information:

  1. Skills and content
  2. Performance.
  3. Self-understanding.

This will help teachers to understand their Student’s Interest and areas where to work in a better manner.


Teachers can follow their own steps for personalized learning for their students as follow:

  • By defining the starting point. – How do you know where you’re      going if you’re not sure where you started?
  • By Setting Goals. – Goals are the most important tool that can focus our efforts in a specific direction.
  • Appeal to student interests. – Considering student’s interests, passion for your instruction is a great way to make students feel their voice has been heard.
  • Teach students how to track – having students to track their own progress against the goals results help students gain towards reaching them.
  • Refine areas where to focus more – by, tracking their own progress report student can refine the area where they need to focus more.
  • Assess for learning.

So it has been easily stated that personalized education is not quite possible without the help of technology, but, it’s all about the engagement of teacher and student with tailored instructions and learning supports.


Summing up, we can say good teaching has always focused on the needs of individual students. The availability of high-quality resources and all the kinds of computing devices are making it possible, with teachers to teach their students in such a way that can help them in achieving the greatest success in life.

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday, we rob them of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

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The mission was clear to give breakthrough in education to the students through guiding them in their assignment and homework help so that they can learn from experts and can submit their assignments to score well. He can rightly be called an optimistic entrepreneur and passionate educationist. You can check his LinkedIn, Facebook profile to know more about him.

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