Silpho UFO: Urban Legend Grows With Claim Of Shocking Message

Silpho UFO: Urban Legend Grows With Claim Of Shocking Message
Peter-Lomas / Pixabay

As humanity makes plans to colonize Mars, the possibility of encountering alien life here on Earth becomes even more intriguing for many people. In fact, the latest find isn’t even recent. The so-called “Silpho UFO,” which some consider to be a sort of British Roswell, is said to contain a chilling message from beyond the stars, written in a sort of alien hieroglyphics. Although the flying saucer was discovered in the 1950s, this supposed message was only recently uncovered.

The purported UFO was found in 1957 on the Silpho Moor outside Scarborough. Many media reports at the time branded the tiny 16- to 18-inch UFO a hoax, as tests suggested that it was of Earthly origin. According to The Telegraph, scientists found no signs that the metal contained in the object was not from Earth. Additionally, the metal hadn’t sustained the high temperatures it would have been exposed to if it had fallen to Earth from space.

The remains of the Silpho UFO were then sent to the Science Museum in London, where it has been hidden in the archives ever since. Apparently, UFO enthusiasts thought that the UFO had been scrapped amid a government cover-up, and hence the incident has been referred to as a sort of British Roswell. In 1947, the U.S. government denied reports that a flying saucer had crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, saying that it was actually a weather balloon. The incident sparked numerous conspiracy theories, similar to the U.K.’s Silpho UFO.

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