Scientists Created Sheep-Human Hybrid Embryos In Lab

Scientists Created Sheep-Human Hybrid Embryos In Lab
Kaz / Pixabay

Researchers have managed to create sheep-human hybrid embryos, which could contribute to the future of organ donation. The researchers would use body parts which were grown inside the synthetically created animals to transplant organs to humans. In order to achieve that, researchers decided to engineer the first interspecies of sheep-human chimera.

The researchers injected human stem cells into sheep embryos which resulted in a hybrid creature that is over 99% sheep, although it also has characteristics of humans. This human portion of embryos which was engineered in an experiment, is extremely small and destroyed after 28 days, however, the fact that it exists is what makes this whole research controversial.

“The contribution of human cells so far is very small. It’s nothing like a pig with a human face or human brain,” stem cell biologist Hiro Nakauchi from Stanford University told The Guardian.

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