10 Samsung Galaxy S9 Features To Expect

10 Samsung Galaxy S9 Features To Expect
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With the first major smartphone release of the year just weeks away, here ValueWalk looks at ten of the most important Samsung Galaxy S9 features that could appear in the imminent device.

1. Super slow motion

Of all Samsung Galaxy S9 features that have been rumored, the super slow motion functionality linked with the camera of the smartphone seems like an absolute certainty. This will be one of the major innovations in the next generation Samsung flagship, delivering slow motion shooting at 1,000 frames per second.

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It has also been reported that the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera will deliver 4K resolution at 120 frames per second, which would be double the provision offered by the most recent iPhone devices.

2. Low light shooting

Low light shooting will also be improved in the Galaxy S9 generation, as Samsung particularly concentrates on the photographic capabilities of the device. Marketing materials ahead of the release of the device include a sequence in which two users of the smartphone manage to shoot a crystal clear photograph of a deer in moonlight conditions.

Whether this is an exaggeration or not remains to be seen, but it is clear that one of the key Samsung Galaxy S9 features will be this low light shooting quality.

3. Face Recognition

Facial recognition will be an essential aspect of the Galaxy S9, essentially copying the Face ID feature that debuted in the iPhone X last year. Again, this is something that has featured in advertising ahead of the release of the smartphone. This will deliver both security and gaming functionality, and will overall be a very welcome feature.

4. Animojis

Alongside the facial recognition technology will be another of the key Samsung Galaxy S9 features, namely animojis. These were already introduced by Apple in its iPhone 8 and iPhone X releases, but Samsung is ready to offer more customization when it includes them in the Galaxy S9. Early speculation suggests that the 3D facial mapping technology included in the flagship will enable owners to create their own virtual avatar, providing both fun applications and security.

5. Snapdragon 845

It is now known that the Snapdragon 845 processor will feature in the Galaxy S9 generation, while it has also been reported that Samsung has signed an exclusivity deal with Qualcomm for this technology. While the Korean consumer electronics giant will utilize its proprietary Exynos processor in some markets, we can expect the Galaxy S9 device intended for the US market place to be driven by the new 845 chipset.

This means that the Galaxy S9 will be the most powerful smartphone in the world when it hits the stores, and if the exclusivity rumors prove to be true then it won’t be matched by any competitor for a few months at least.

6. In-screen fingerprint scanner

Arguably the most intriguing of the Samsung Galaxy S9 features promised ahead of the release of the device is the embedded fingerprint scanner that both Samsung and Apple have been trying to deliver for some time. This will radically change the design of the Galaxy S9, and points to other functionality in the smartphone also being integrated within the display of the device.

This will naturally have a knock-on effect on the design of the Galaxy S9, and will probably prompt Apple to respond directly as well. It is already known that the iPhone series was intended to have received such integrated functionality by now, but Apple was prevented from delivering this by logistical difficulties.

7. Huge display or slimmed down design

With certain Samsung Galaxy S9 features being embedded within the display of the device, this means that the manufacturer has two options with the design of the unit. Samsung could either include a huge display in the Galaxy S9, or slim down the bezels included in the unit to create a highly compact smartphone.

Reports have tended to suggest that the screen size will be similar to the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus, while the resolution is also set to be frozen at Quad HD+ once more. This suggests that the Galaxy S9 will deliver a more compact design that will make this the slickest phone ever released by the Korean corporation.

8. Glass coating

Reports have also suggested that Samsung will include a glass coating in the Galaxy S9, with the intention of making it more resistant to fingerprints. This Samsung Galaxy S9 feature would also ensure that the device was more water resistant, while reflection and glares would also be significantly reduced.

Samsung has already licensed this technology via patents, and it seems highly likely to appear in the Galaxy S9 generation.

9. Modular design

Another of the possible Galaxy S9 features is the inclusion of a modular design, enabling hardware accessories to be grafted on in the manner of Moto Mods. This is one of the more helpful suggestions for the forthcoming Samsung flagship, but there is a precedent in the smartphone marketplace. The Moto Mods system is used by handsets such as the Moto Z2 Force, and the Korean manufacturer could use this device as a template for the Galaxy S9.

10. Purple

Finally, it has been suggested that another of the new Galaxy S9 features will be the inclusion of a new color scheme. Central to this will be a purple device, which has already been leaked online in some quarters. @evleaks suggest that this will be a subtle shade of purple, which can be described as lilac purple.

This color option would be in addition to the traditional black, blue and gold options, meaning that there are four possible Samsung Galaxy S9 mobiles available in 2018. However, although this has been strongly rumored by some credible sources, it is worth noting that exactly the same suggestion was made ahead of the Galaxy S8, and yet a purple option was ultimately conspicuous by its absence.

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