New Leak Unveils Potential Galaxy S10 Specs

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While the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are yet to even be announced, we’re already seeing leaks regarding the Galaxy S10 specs.

The release of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus is expected to follow shortly after the anticipated announcement on February 25 at an event ahead of the Mobile World Congress. However, for the internet, the S9 is already old news.

The successor to the S9 is a ways off, with an expected release date of Spring 2019, but that hasn’t kept people from speculating about what we might see with the Galaxy S10 specs. It appears as if we have some information from reliable tech analyst Ice Universe, who posted on Weibo his thoughts on the specifications of the upcoming phone.

The Galaxy S10 specs are expected to be a significant upgrade over the S9, as is to be expected from a new generation of phone, and it will serve as a direct replacement to the phone launching at the end of February.

Ice Universe gave us a collection of Galaxy S10 specs that give us the impression that we’ll be in for a treat come Spring 2019.

The Galaxy S10 will be a 5G handset and feature a dedicated neural processing chip. This chip will help with the phone’s AI functions, perhaps assisting Bixby or adding special features to the camera. The full Galaxy S10 spec list leaked by Ice Universe is included below:

  • AI-specific chipset, with CPU, GPU and separate neural processor
  • 5G modem
  • UFS 3.0 storage
  • 93 percent or more screen-to-body ratio
  • 9th-generation mobile Super AMOLED display
  • 3D AI processing with camera
  • L-shaped battery
  • It’s also likely a next-generation Bixby will be involved somewhere down the line, as that was also mentioned in the original earnings call.

As soon as the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus hit the market and are out for a few weeks, everyone is going to be looking forward to the Galaxy S10: it’s just how the market works with the trend of yearly releases. If these Galaxy S10 specs are any indication, however, it may be well worth the wait.

For those looking to upgrade from their S8, it may honestly be worth waiting for the Galaxy S10. While the S9 is a clear upgrade over this current generation, from what we know about the phone thus far (which is pretty much everything) it won’t be a significant departure from what we have now. There will be a power upgrade, sure, but outside of that, we won’t really be seeing anything new. A better camera may very well be enough to convince a number of users to make the jump, as will the crowd that needs to have the latest and greatest each year, but for the rest of us that need a better reason to upgrade, the Galaxy S9 may not have enough of an attraction to convince us to make the jump.

Just from looking at the Galaxy S9, it’s clear that it’s pretty much a slightly upgraded S8. The design is pretty much exactly the same, and there are very few new features outside of an increase in image quality from the camera. There’s a significant market of people who use their phone quite often for photos, so it may have been smart for Samsung to take this approach from a business standpoint, but when you look at other phones that have released recently – such as the iPhone X – the Galaxy S9 risks coming across as boring.

The Galaxy S10 specifications mainly give us insight into how the phone will perform, but there are also rumors floating around the web about some potential improvements to the Galaxy S design that have the internet pretty excited. Perhaps one of the most notable features is the potential for the inclusion of an under-display fingerprint scanner. As bezels have gotten smaller and the majority of modern flagships have the entire front of the phone taken up by the screen, manufacturers have had to get creative with where they put the necessary parts of the phone – leading Samsung to put the fingerprint scanner in the rear of the device. There’s been no confirmation that the Galaxy S10 specs will feature this new type of scanner, but recently filed patents suggest that the Korean tech giant is definitely working on the new technology.

Samsung has certainly shown they can innovate if the reliable rumors around the Galaxy X and its foldable screen are to be believed, so it’s a bit of a mystery as to why we haven’t seen something new in quite some time with the Galaxy S line. Samsung has arrived at a formula that seems to work for them, so it’s hard to blame them for sticking to what has given them great success, but we hope the Galaxy S10 specs are a sign of new things to come for the company’s S line.

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