Q4 2017 list of hedge fund letters

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*Last updated on 2/12/18

What’s up, what’s up! Welcome to the Q4 2017 list of hedge fund letters and reports! Read top investors’ commentary on economic activity and market performance in 2017 and what to expect in 2018.

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The letters in this list are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world – learn about the stock market, the economy, the global geopolitical landscape, and investing strategies and philosophy from the very best in the business today.

Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis. ! I’ll keep this list updated as more hedge fund letters are sent in.

For past hedge fund letters and reports, check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.

Ready. Set. Read!

Investment FirmDate Posted
Byron Wien 2018 SuprisesJanuary 5
Ewing MorrisJanuary 5
Jeremy Grantham MemoJanuary 5
Michael Mauboussin – How Well Do You CompareJanuary 5
Value Investor Insight DecemberJanuary 5
Wiedower CapitalJanuary 5
Weitz Asset ManagementJanuary 5
MPE CapitalJanuary 7
Vltava FundJanuary 8
Absolute Return PartnersJanuary 11
Bill Gross January MemoJanuary 11
Carl Icahn Letter to SandridgeJanuary 11
Vilas CapitalJanuary 11
FPA Capital FundJanuary 13
Wedgewood PartnersJanuary 13
Kennox Value FundJanuary 14
Polen CapitalJanuary 15
Greenlight CapitalJanuary 16
Wolf Hill Capital ManagementJanuary 16
KKR 2018 OutlookJanuary 17
Barron’s 2018 RoundtableJanuary 18
Horizon Kinetics PresentationJanuary 18
Adventur.esJanuary 19
Euclidean TechnologiesJanuary 19
Third Avenue Real Estate FundJanuary 19
Third Avenue Small Cap FundJanuary 19
Third Avenue International Value FundJanuary 19
Third Avenue Value FundJanuary 19
Upslope CapitalJanuary 19
Artko CapitalJanuary 20
Fundsmith FundJanuary 21
Horizon KineticsJanuary 21
Tao ValueJanuary 21
Curreen CapitalJanuary 22
Sequoia FundJanuary 22
Ed Thorpe InterviewJanuary 23
Hypotenuse CapitalJanuary 23
Weitz FundsJanuary 23
Forager FundsJanuary 24
Greenwood InvestorsJanuary 24
Howard Marks MemoJanuary 24
Longleaf PartnersJanuary 24
Arquitos CapitalJanuary 25
Atlantic Investment ManagementJanuary 26
Bill Miller CommentaryJanuary 26
Miller Value Partners Equity FundJanuary 26
Miller Value Partners Income FundJanuary 26
Clear Bridge Value TrustJanuary 27
RV CapitalJanuary 27
TGV Partners FundsJanuary 27
TGV Rubicon FundJanuary 27
UK Value Investor LessonsJanuary 27
IP Capital PartnersJanuary 28
Dane CapitalJanuary 29
Pershing Square HoldingsJanuary 29
Tweedy BrowneJanuary 29
Alluvial CapitalJanuary 30
Centaur FundsJanuary 30
FPA Crescent FundJanuary 30
Goehring & RozencwajgJanuary 31
River Park CMBS FundJanuary 31
River Park Fixed Income FundsJanuary 31
River Park Growth FundJanuary 31
River Park Long/Short Opportunity FundJanuary 31
River Park Value FundJanuary 31
Turtle Creek Asset ManagementJanuary 31
Vltava FundJanuary 31
Vulcan Value PartnersJanuary 31
Absolute Return PartnersFebruary 1
Fairholme FUndsFebruary 1
Picton MahoneyFebruary 1
Pzena Asset ManagementFebruary 1
Greenhaven Road CapitalFebruary 3
Maran CapitalFebruary 3
Activist Investing Annual ReviewFebruary 4
Hazelton CapitalFebruary 4
Platinum Asset ManagementFebruary 4
Adestella Investment ManagementFebruary 5
Barrage CapitalFebruary 5
Ewing Morris – A New Take on Fixed IncomeFebruary 5
Ewing Morris – Broadview FundFebruary 5
Goodhaven FundsFebruary 5
Kempen Value FundFebruary 5
Laughing Water CapitalFebruary 5
Blue Tower Asset ManagementFebruary 7
Hayden CapitalFebruary 7
Kerrisdale Capital – Eastman KodakFebruary 8
Mar Vista Investment PartnersFebruary 8
Muddy Waters – IQE PLCFebruary 8
Spruce Point Capital – Realty IncomeFebruary 8
Crescat CapitalFebruary 9
Century ManagementFebruary 11
IBV CapitalFebruary 11
RLT CapitalFebruary 11
Edgemoor Investment AdvisorsFebruary 12
Polleit & RiechertFebruary 12