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Possible iPhone X Plus Screen Photos Leak Online

A poster on the MacX Forums recently uploaded a photo that they claim is a 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus screen and digitizer.

The post, which has since been deleted, claimed that the parts came from a run of production equipment at LG’s facilities in Vietnam. MacRumors has recovered an archived version that shows what the iPhone X Plus screen might look like.

It’s important to note that this leak isn’t necessarily reliable and came out of nowhere, so there’s certainly a possibility that this fancy screen has nothing to do with an iPhone X Plus. Still, it has a design that is quite similar to what we saw with the iPhone X so it’s definitely not completely bogus. There’s also a number printed on the attached cable that looks quite similar to that which we’ve seen with previous Apple releases.

The iPhone X Plus screen appears slightly larger than that of the iPhone X, which is to be expected as a Plus version, as the past few generations have featured a Plus version that was a bigger and more powerful version of the base model. The iPhone X Plus screen does look slightly different from its predecessor, and it appears as if we may see a slightly smaller notch – a departure of sorts from the signature dip in the top of the phone that incredibly divisive in the smartphone community.

The iPhone X Plus screen included a cable on the bottom that would presumably attach to the phone’s logic board. The date code on the cord shows a production date that seems to be around mid-November of 2017. This means that, if this is truly part of the iPhone X Plus design, the phone’s parts have been in some sort of production and trial for quite some time.

Another iPhone X Plus photo shows a tray that contains assembled display and digitizer components. It’s difficult to tell too much about the phone from the pictures, but it does appear to be larger than the iPhone X, which would seem to confirm yet again that the iPhone X Plus would be at least slightly larger than the phone that took the holiday market by storm.

It’s interesting that the leaker claims that the iPhone X Plus screen is from an LG facility, as Samsung has been the exclusive supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone X. It’s possible that the company is cutting ties with their largest competitor, however, which would allow LG to step in and take over the production of this incredibly lucrative contract. There have also been rumors that Apple has been heavily involved in helping LG ramp up its OLED production capabilities, so this revelation – if true – would just reinforce the idea that Apple and LG would be collaborating moving forward. The extra help will likely be needed, considering that Apple has had issues in the past with keeping up enough parts to supply the huge demand that their customer base has for their phones. Perhaps with a new direction and partnership with LG, they’ll be better able to meet demand when it comes time to launch the iPhone X Plus.

As mentioned above, there’s no way to tell if these pictures are actually reliable. Still, it looks very much like an iPhone X so it’s a possibility that we just received our first glance at the upcoming iPhone X Plus.