Oracle Corporation Pushing Automation Across Entire Cloud Platform

Oracle Corporation Pushing Automation Across Entire Cloud Platform
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Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) is expanding the autonomous technology across its Platform as a service (PaaS) in a bid to entice enterprises seeking cloud services. According to the company, the new automated service will help in bringing down costs and trim management issues.

The AI techniques such as machine learning would automate several services in the Oracle Cloud platform to perform tasks such as optimization of workloads and install patches. Oracle also shared an outline of how AI would be integrated into some key functions to boost their capacity.

Oracle aims at adding the AI capability in the data integration to automate ingestion, data prep, data lake creation and defining data flows. Oracle’s core business is related to storing data, suggesting the new capability can be utilized to map integrations.  Also, Oracle is keen to inject machine learning in application development to perform various actions and coding.

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The company believes that the biggest win in automating the app development is time-saving on coding. Oracle also aims to boost analytics via automated data prep and discovery. Further, automation of the system and identity management, which currently has manual monitoring and performance settings, would be automated.

In a press release, Amit Zavery, executive vice president of product development for the Oracle Cloud Platform, said: “It’s really reducing costs and increasing productivity — that’s what we’re aiming for, where CIOs can really take care of focusing their resources and investment on strategic initiatives and have the services run by Oracle be very self-running.”

Lately, the company has been focusing on automation. Last year, it launched its self-driving database. During the launch, executives promised customers “a freedom from drudgery” because machine learning would be at the core of everything to automate provision, patch, tune to backup.

Ovum Principal analyst, Saurabh Sharma, believes that Oracle’s Platform as a service “has become a critical component of the cloud delivery model to help drive business agility and innovation for enterprises.” Further, Sharma notes that as Oracle launches its AI and machine learning-based Autonomous PaaS, it would bring productivity gains, lower human error and cost, and eventually push an enterprise towards faster innovation.

In all, Oracle Autonomous PaaS will allow the enterprise to scale, upgrade, back-up, diagnose, correct and secure enterprise PaaS cloud services, the expert said. The automation would help the company to differentiate itself from rivals like Google, Microsoft and Amazon. And on the PaaS side, it also faces competition from Salesforce.

According to Zavery, Oracle wants its customers to have an end-to-end self-driving system to help trim the cost and deliver better value. Further, the executive said that the company is working towards integrating the autonomous capabilities into the cloud to offer better security, innovation and competitive advantage to the customers.

Oracle’s latest offering comes amid recent high-profile security breaches and outages. And, this helps Oracle push the idea that if customers want greater confidence they must allow machines to play more of a role to automate out human error.

“The future of tomorrow’s successful enterprise IT organization is in full end-to-end automation,” Zavery said.

On Monday, Oracle shares closed up 0.88% at $48.15.

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