Citron: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Shareholders Should Be Prepared To See $200

“Is $NVDA really worth $36 billion more than it was New Years Eve with $15k BTC?” NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) shareholders should be prepared to see stock quickly trade back to $200 (where stock started the year). Goldman taking off conviction list is the canary in the coalmine.

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Nvidia CEO
Mizter_x94 / Pixabay

Consider how this information we have read since Jan 1:

  • Bitcoin Prices down 40% year-to-date while NVDA share price up over 22%
  • Datacenter (the only growth metric that really counts) was already facing some headwinds that was offset by Crypto in Q2. This is an unsustainable trend

  • While 2017 was the year as NVDA being the Al. pure play, This New York Times article describes the new 2018 narrative.

  • Anyone who dismisses any competition, and just wants to play multiple expansion just speak to Andrew Feldman at Cerebas

  • Nvidia is no longer the clear name in autonomous

Playing multiple expansion is like playing chicken, it doesn’t end well for shareholders. NVDA’s stock has risen 111% since Goldman’s report 12 months ago whereas revenue for 2018E is up a minor 11%.

January was solid for the share price thanks to a strong market and some CES hype, kudos to Nvidia, we see a February hangover.

Go ahead and send over the hatemgjl, we are sorry that the truth hurts. Citron’s trading call on $NVDA have been spot on. But if you own the stock, you must ask yourself the question “Is $NVDA really worth $36 billion more than it was New Years Eve with $15k BTC?" Don't think so

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