Citron: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Shareholders Should Be Prepared To See $200

Citron: NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Shareholders Should Be Prepared To See $200
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“Is $NVDA really worth $36 billion more than it was New Years Eve with $15k BTC?” NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) shareholders should be prepared to see stock quickly trade back to $200 (where stock started the year). Goldman taking off conviction list is the canary in the coalmine.

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Consider how this information we have read since Jan 1:

  • Bitcoin Prices down 40% year-to-date while NVDA share price up over 22%
  • Datacenter (the only growth metric that really counts) was already facing some headwinds that was offset by Crypto in Q2. This is an unsustainable trend

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  • While 2017 was the year as NVDA being the Al. pure play, This New York Times article describes the new 2018 narrative.

  • Anyone who dismisses any competition, and just wants to play multiple expansion just speak to Andrew Feldman at Cerebas

  • Nvidia is no longer the clear name in autonomous

Playing multiple expansion is like playing chicken, it doesn’t end well for shareholders. NVDA’s stock has risen 111% since Goldman’s report 12 months ago whereas revenue for 2018E is up a minor 11%.

January was solid for the share price thanks to a strong market and some CES hype, kudos to Nvidia, we see a February hangover.

Go ahead and send over the hatemgjl, we are sorry that the truth hurts. Citron’s trading call on $NVDA have been spot on. But if you own the stock, you must ask yourself the question “Is $NVDA really worth $36 billion more than it was New Years Eve with $15k BTC?" Don't think so

Citron loves Jensen Huang, but he is becoming one tall tree

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  1. “Monday witnessed a free fall in all the major global indices.
    In Tokyo, the Nikkei 225 fell 1,132.26 points or almost 5%, and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index dropped 1,225.62, or 3.80%. In Shanghai, down 2% by early afternoon. In US market Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 1,175 points, or 4.6%, in its largest single-day point drop ever and the S&P 500 dropped by 2.12%.

  2. Bitcoins have 0, ZERO, 0, again ZERO RELEVANCE with NVDA or AMD. What is wrong with these analysts that they don’t know basics?!

  3. Looks like citron was spot on again. NVDA was pretty bloated and was ready to come back to earth. As soon as I saw them featured on s i knew it was a wrap…

  4. Citron and Andrew Left are the most hated organization in the USA. I’m surprised they still exist. He must have several full time bodyguards.

  5. Andrew Left is worried about NVidias’ pe multiple of the 50’s. Where’s his downgrade and 15% shave for Amazon with a PE of almost 400. Andrew Left is a maggot short. He was Shorting Nvidia at $100 claiming the same ridiculous weakness of the stock.

  6. For the 8 billionth time, bitcoins are not mined with GPUs, they are mined with ASICs. Ethereum etc are mined with GPUs, yes, but GPUs have been useless for bitocoin mining for over half a decade.

    It’s really hard to take an analysis seriously from someone who leads off an article talking about something that is irrelevant to the stock.

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