Samsung Releases Statement Regarding New Galaxy Note 9 Chip

Samsung Releases Statement Regarding New Galaxy Note 9 Chip
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Although all eyes are on the release of the Galaxy S9, Samsung’s new flagship from their Note 9 is also receiving some new rumors and leaks. While earlier rumors suggested that Samsung would include a 7nm Galaxy Note 9 chip, it seems as if the processor may be 10nm or 8nm instead.

Galaxy Note 9 Chip

In a recent press release, Samsung proved recent rumors inaccurate with the announcement of the production ramp-up of second-generation 10nm LPP processors – the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and their proprietary Exynos 9810. These chips will be featured in the Galaxy S9 and S9+, and will come standard as the Galaxy Note 9 chip as well.

The company also stated that they will be producing the Galaxy Note 9 chip at the new S3 unit in their home country of Korea. TelecomTalk also reports that an earlier statement from the company suggested that the 7nm FinFET process technology with their Extreme Ultraviolet technology (EUV) would be produced at the plant, but it turns out that that statement wasn’t true after all.

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Samsung’s most recent statement regarding the Galaxy Note 9 chip hints that the 7nm processor technology is now out of mass production, stating that “In 2018, Samsung will provide 8nm and 11nm processes to meet customers’ needs and start a risk production of 7-nano.”

A risk production of the 7nm chip is what TSMC had started last year, and it is rumored to be the foundation of Apple’s upcoming A12 chipset. Due to this fact, TelecomTalk reports that there’s a real possibility that the upcoming Apple iPhones may actually be more powerful than the Galaxy Note 9 – unless the Note 9 is to include the 8nm chipset that will make it equal to the TSMC production.

It’s safe to say at this point, then, that the Galaxy Note 9 chip will not be a 7nm model, although we may still see an 8nm processor in the device.

What We’ll See From The Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 chip is just the latest piece of concrete news that we have about the upcoming flagship, with previous rumors and leaks suggesting that we may see big things from the latest entry in Samsung’s Note line.

With the impending release of the Galaxy S8 in the next few weeks, it seems as if the S9 will be an upgrade over the current generation – albeit a rather iterative one. The main draw of the Galaxy S9 is the upgraded camera, but outside of that is seems as if the phone is largely just a power upgrade from the Galaxy S8. With an almost identical look and quite similar features, the need to make the move from the current generation to the latest from Samsung has been called into question – unless smartphone photography is very important to you.

In addition to the new Galaxy Note 9 chip, Samsung has more time to implement new technology. While we’re not expecting anything revolutionary from this Note either, it will likely include a number of quality-of-life features that may make it a better buy than the upcoming S9. With a rumored under-display fingerprint scanner, Samsung may finally be able to move the scanner from it’s awkward placement on the back of the phone to a position on the front – all without detracting from the large, edge-to-edge screen we’re expecting from the Galaxy Note 9. With bezels continuing to shrink in an effort to make displays appear larger, managing to shrink the borders of the phone while maintaining an under-display scanner is going to be a major upgrade from the fingerprint scanner’s current position at the back of the device.

Although the Galaxy Note 9 chip and new features may be an upgrade over the iPhone X, Samsung has their work cut out for them if they’d like to compete with Apple’s latest flagship. The release of the Note 9 later this year may come close to the release of Apple’s newest line, which are all expected to feature Face ID technology. Despite the improvements coming with the Note 9, it’s not expected that it will feature anything similar to the scanning technology included with Apple’s devices.

Samsung has proven that they’re capable of innovation with the news regarding the development of the world’s first foldable smartphone – the Galaxy X. While it’s likely that the Galaxy X will remain a niche product – at least for the first few generations – it would be nice to see something unexpected outside of the Galaxy Note 9 chip and rumored features. With that said, Samsung has arrived at a formula that works for them with their Note and S lines. Outside of the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery, the Korean tech giant has delivered time and time again with the release of their high-end flagships. While the company might not be doing anything that revolutionizes the industry, we expect that the Galaxy Note 9 chip will power an excellent phone that sells quite well.

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