LG G7 To Launch In The First Half Of This Year [Report]

LG G7 To Launch In The First Half Of This Year [Report]
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

LG Electronics traditionally refreshes the flagship G series at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). But LG fans were fully aware that the LG G7 wouldn’t arrive at the MWC 2018. The company had delayed the release of LG G7 due to the lack of exciting new features on G7 prototypes. Now LG’s mobile business chief Hwang Jeong-hwan has indicated that LG G7 would launch in the first half of this year, most likely in June.

There have been consistent rumors that the Korean company was exploring the possibility of changing the new phone’s name and launch it under a new moniker. LG’s R&D team has also been asked to redesign the G7 (or whatever it’s called at launch) from scratch to make it stand out in the crowd of Android smartphones. The company is hoping that all these efforts would help it revive its ailing smartphone business. LG’s mobile division has been losing money for the last 11 quarters.

Hwang Jeong-hwan said during a press conference in Barcelona that the company would launch its new flagship in the first half of 2018. He did not confirm the new naming scheme, but added that LG executives had internally “discussed the alleged naming scheme.” Hwang Jeong-hwan told media that LG is focusing on improving core competitiveness. He was appointed the head of LG’s mobile business in November last year.

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