Latest news from MAUTECH: The University has been closed down

Latest news from MAUTECH: The University has been closed down
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In case you have not heard, the Modibbo Adama University of Technology, also known as MAUTECH, has been shut down for an unspecified time. The Senate of this Yola university in Nigeria has recently ordered the indefinite closure of the institution as a result of student unrest on February 4.

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On February 5, the Senate held an emergency meeting, where it was decided that the university was to be shut down indefinitely.

As we have said before, on February 4, students of MAUTECH went on a protest that soon became violent. According to Premium Times, the protests erupted because of the disagreements on the recent student union elections.

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On the other hand, NAN (News Agency of Nigeria) claimed that the protests and violence were caused by blasphemous statements towards Prophet Muhammad in a WhatsApp chat. This was corroborated by a student by the name of Sadik Musa, who agreed with NAN and added that the protestors called for action from the school authorities.

In the course of the protest, several places of worship, including a chapel and several mosques, have suffered from fires set by the protestors. There is also news that a student has been killed in the process.

In the midst of all this, the school took its time to respond. The management of the school did not elaborate on what caused the protests. However, Haruna Lawal, Dean of Student Affairs, said that students had been asked to cease their actions and leave the school premises.

According to Lawal, the school had invited civil defence corps, police and DSS to help the university security in their attempts to maintain the crisis. Students have been told to leave the university grounds before 2 p.m.

The dean also talked about how the student has lost his life as a result of the unrest. Apparently, some of the students involved in the protest got into a fight with the residents of Sangere village (where most of the students live). Because of this brawl, one of the students was injured. He was taken to the university clinic and later to the FMC hospital in Yola for treatment, but, unfortunately, he did not make it.

In other (much happier) news,  an Ahmadu Bello University student from Zaria created a new technology that can significantly minimize accidents on the road. This young man, who is in his last year of university, has managed to invent a car that could avoid traffic accidents. According to the reports, the vehicle would be able to avoid collision with cars that drive in front or behind it. The young prodigy created the whole idea as his final year project.

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