Ethereum price news in 2018: Here’s the latest update

Ethereum price news in 2018: Here’s the latest update
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It has been a rough couple of months for cryptocurrency. From record highs in December to the lows at the beginning of the year, many currencies haven’t had a very positive trajectory. The latest Ethereum price news in 2018 suggests that the currency has promise, but could honestly go either way.

When taking a look at the latest Ethereum price news in 2018, it’s important to keep the past few months and the rapid rise and fall the majority of virtual coins experienced. Ethereum, like Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, saw massive gains near the end of 2017. Keeping in trend with the rest of the crypto market, the initial Ethereum price news in 2018 saw the value crash quite low – inciting panic among investors who had just recently invested during the meteoric rise.

While cryptocurrency has a format that makes it easy for pretty much anyone to invest, experienced investors and experts alike are well aware that the Ethereum price news in 2018 could be either extremely positive or extremely negative – largely due to the volatility of cryptocurrency by design. As a new investment opportunity based almost purely on speculation, the majority of cryptocurrencies have massive highs and equally devastating lows. While the market has seen an overall climb when compared to the same time last year – even with the large crash in the beginning of January – the cryptocurrency market saw a major crash just over a month ago from a record high near the end of December. Over the course of a week or two, the market took a steep dive – proving that it’s next to impossible to predict what the Ethereum price news in 2018 will be with any sort of reliable accuracy.

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While it’s definitely difficult to extrapolate the Ethereum price news in 2018 for any real length of time, we can look at the trend over the past week or so and get a general sense of where the currency might be going – keeping in mind all the while that the market could immediately turn at any point and wipe out profits, even if you were to invest while the prices are still quite low.

When trying to figure out Ethereum price news in 2018, our only real reliable option is to look at the general trajectory of the currency over the past couple of weeks in order to determine whether the currency is currently rising or falling. When doing so, it appears as if Ethereum is on an upward climb despite the crash early this year. Because of this, a lot of experts have an optimistic view when it comes to reporting Ethereum price news in 2018.

Like any sort of investment opportunity, however, there will be those on the other side of the field who are convinced that the end of Ethereum is nigh. While looking at this most recent Ethereum price news in 2018, it can be tempting to suggest that the price will continue to climb, but the volatility makes it likely that we’ll see another few crashes, with the currency possibly never reaching the record heights we saw last year.

As an investment based off of speculation, the Ethereum price is heavily influenced by things like new regulations or even just rumors. Recently leaked documents out of China suggested that the country may soon start imposing higher taxes on organizations that mine cryptocurrencies, which is a major problem for the mining groups that call the country home due to the low costs of utilities. This news comes shortly after the company closed one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges within China, as well as banning Initial Coin Offerings. Other countries are equally hesitant, with Israel discussing an outright ban ahead of an investigation by their regulatory bodies. The Bitcoin price news in 2018 will be heavily influenced by these governmental actions, and with regulation increasing it’s certainly possible that Ethereum and other currencies will have difficulty bouncing back.

When cryptocurrencies started a few years ago, they were incredibly small and largely reserved for the techie crowd. As they grew in value, however, the rest of the world took notice, and with a current market cap in the hundreds of billions, the size of cryptocurrencies has gotten too big for the traditional investment industry to ignore. Some experts warn of a bubble that is about to burst, shedding some doubt on these optimistic predictions for the Ethereum price news in 2018.

At the end of the day, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s really no telling what we’ll see as far as Ethereum price news in 2018. Whether it climbs or crashes will largely be due to market speculation, and with the added regulation across the industry, it’s looking as if the future of cryptocurrency, in general, may not be super bright. Keeping that in mind, the market is currently trending upward, so what we’ll see moving forward is anyone’s guess.

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