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Users Report iPad Pro Keyboard Issues Even After Replacements

An internal Apple memo was leaked last year that revealed a new extended repair program for the iPad Pro keyboard issues. The program, which covered the smart keyboard for both 9.7-inch tablets from 2016 and 12.9-inch tablets from 2015, offered repairs and replacements free of charge.

However, PiunikaWeb reports that even the replacements for the iPad Pro keyboard issues are having trouble, with multiple users from around the web reporting that last year’s iPad Pros are having the same issues as well – models that were never added to the extended repair program from Apple.

The majority of users who were having iPad Pro keyboard issues with the 2015 and 2016 models do report that they were offered repairs or replacements, but for many that didn’t actually solve the issue. Apple support seems to be unsure of what’s causing the new iPad Pro keyboard issues as well, and many iPad Pro owners seem out of luck when it comes to addressing the new problems.

Listed below are some excerpts from users around the web who report iPad Pro keyboard issues.

“Funny, I had the keyboard cover for my 9.7 giving a lot of connectivity issues. 2 weeks before the 1 year warranty was up (in March, few months before this supposed program) I brought it in and they gave me a new one. Now the new keyboard is starting to exhibit the same problem.”

“It did occur to me with iOS 10 back in May of 2017. At that time they replaced the keyboard. The problem became consistent with iOS 11. And receiving a third keyboard didn’t solve anything.”

“Just had my Apple smart keyboard replaced 2 days ago under the extended warranty and I and still getting the intermittent issue of the keyboard not responding. Although this time I am not getting the not supported accessory message, it just fails to type and the onscreen keyboard is displayed. If I lift the iPad away from the keyboard while it’s still connected and place it back down onto the keyboard it will work again.”

“I have this problem as well. My iPad Pro is about 20 months old as is the keyboard. No problems until the last month or so, then failing to connect, not being recognized etc. I contacted Apple support and was eventually told to go to my dealer – which I did and to be fair they gave me a new keyboard with no quibbles. Only problem is that although the new keyboard is recognized, it is very unstable in that it keeps disconnecting then reconnecting. Detaching and re-attaching the keyboard seems to work, but nothing completely solves the problem. in addition when the iPad is in my bag it will go into a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting (I realized this when I could here the “chime” noise you get when you plug in the power source going off over and over again – and this is draining the iPad battery.”

This seems to be a serious iPad Pro keyboard issues that are affecting many people who have already been dealing with the problem for quite some time. No official word from Apple has been released at this time. Let’s hope they take quick action to address the problems that their users are having.

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