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Interview With Stanley Lim, Co-Author Of Value Investing In Asia

We recently sat down for an exclusive one on one with Stanley, co-author of Value Investing in Asia. Readers can also check out our earlier book review here.

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We covered a wide range of topics from

  • How he got started in becoming an investor
  • What has changed in his thinking over the years
  • The unique challenges that confront investors when investing in family owned businesses
  • How he structures his portfolio and diversifies between different opportunities
  • Why Kweichow Moutai is one of the market leaders in China he follows
  • The best investment he has ever made in his history of investing
  • What he has learned from interviewing different value fund managers around Asia
  • How he dealt with full blown bear markets
  • Parting advice to the most important thing an investor can focus on

Stanley Lim, Co-Author Of Value Investing In Asia

Value Investing in Asia: The Definitive Guide to Investing in Asia by Peir Shenq (Stanley) Lim,‎ Mun Hong Cheong

Article by Jun Hao Tay, ValueEdge