Mature Human Eggs Grown In Lab For The First Time

Mature Human Eggs Grown In Lab For The First Time
Image source: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/Flickr

In an advancement that has the potential to change treatments for infertility forever, human eggs have been grown to maturity for the first time.

Researchers have now managed to turn immature human eggs into the fully developed version in the lab for the first time, but as of now, it’s still unclear whether the mature eggs are normal and can actually combine with sperm to make an embryo.

While it’s not readily apparent whether or not this new discovery regarding lab-grown human eggs is immediately practically applicable, it’s still “extraordinarily important,” according to Kyle Orwig, a stem cell biologist not involved in the study who is based at the Magee-Womens Research Institute at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, and who spoke to Science Magazine. “It has real potential for application…we already have the patients.”

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The applications of these lag-grown human eggs include women who have undergone chemotherapy, which has the potential to damage eggs beyond repair. This problem is especially prevalent in girls with cancer who have yet to hit puberty, and some choose to preserve a piece of ovarian tissue to later be placed back into the body to start making eggs. This is a complicated and risky choice, however, as it ca