How To Close Online Leads

How To Close Online Leads
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When somebody you are chasing finally gives you their attention, don’t mess it up.


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Before I discuss how this applies online leads, I’d like to tell you a story. A while back, I used to cold call to get clients. This was in the prehistoric age before you could use the internet to get leads. I also used to bang two rocks together to make a fire so I could cook my food in those days. Well, there was this one man that I used to call all the time. He was a technology executive at a big firm. I called and called and never got through the secretary. One day, though, I called him on a Sunday at 7 PM. He happened to be working and he picked up the phone.

I was so stunned to actually have gotten through.

“Eeeeh, is this Mr. Jenkins?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said, “Who is this?”

“Um, Sara Grillo.” (awkwardly)

“Oh, are you that Sara girl who keeps calling me? My secretary gives me the messages.”

“Yes, and I have something important to ask you?”

“Go ahead, but make it quick.”

Well, what happened after that isn’t worth saying. I totally blew it. I became tongue tied and choked and the pitch was as painful for me to make as for him to hear. Needless to say, I didn’t get the client and I never bothered him again out of embarrassment.

Getting a busy, successful person’s attention is 90% of the deal, but that 90% is something for which you don’t get paid. You only get paid when you close the deal.

Invest time hollering and hooting, but you need an airtight strategy for when you get some hits.

How online buyers are different

I know, you financial advisors get your leads through word of mouth and referrals. But this online business is an entirely different animal. There are a few things you have to realize about how online leads are different from in-person leads.

Here’s what to keep in mind. This is based on what I’ve seen advisors do wrong when handling online leads.

  1. Recognize that online buyers are more informed

The prospect has done their research on you. That’s why you have to make sure your LinkedIn profile is top notch, your website isn’t too jargoned, etc. Assume that if they came to you online, your website was one stop along the way. So when you talk, don’t reiterate things you already say on your website and insult them.

The prospect has an idea of the product they want, and most often it’s not what they end up buying. In other words, what they think they want based upon the research they do is often not the right thing. So don’t just close the deal; go through consultative questioning first.

Read the full article here by Sara Grillo, Advisor Perspectives

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