Happy Suits For Astronauts To Prevent Depression

Happy Suits For Astronauts To Prevent Depression
skeeze / Pixabay

Astronauts face various challenges in space, and as such, they are at higher risk of having mental stress, which is not a surprise, considering that they many times need to expose themselves to dangerous challenges. To make their time in space “happier,” researchers and students at Florida Polytechnic University are working on unique happy suits for astronauts.

The new technology will be part of the next generation of spacesuits and space clothing that would help astronauts feel better mentally, while also providing maximum comfort and efficiency for astronauts.

The happy suits for astronauts are known as Smart Sensory Skin, which are equipped with wireless sensors in order to find a range of physical deficiencies and will automatically make adjustments in the astronaut’s environment – in the spacesuit or inside the spacecraft. The adjustments include changing the temperature, light exposure, light color, and even oxygen levels.

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