Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9: Comparing rumored features

Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9: Comparing rumored features

With three massive smartphone releases expected in 2018, now is the ideal time to make the Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9 comparison. The winner of the Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9 battle will certainly be partially predicated on the new features included in the forthcoming devices, so it’s intriguing to assess what may materialize in this department.

Of the three devices in the Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9 battle, the Google Pixel 3 arguably has the most to do to build on the previous generation. The Google Pixel 2 was a more than decent device, but specs such as its single camera meant that some perceived it to be a little conservative and boring.

Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9

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The fact that Google has spent over $1 billion in order to acquire the majority of the smartphone design team from HTC underlines the seriousness of the mega-corporation in this niche. When this is coupled with big Android updates anticipated for 2018, it is clear that the Google Pixel 3 should deliver an exciting package.

But there has been little news on revolutionary new features for the Google smartphone as of yet, not least because it needs to catch up with its competitors in some key departments. Expect the Google Pixel 3 to benefit from a dual-camera, in contrast to the Pixel 2 release from last year. Additionally, some major spec upgrades can be anticipated, and we may see the display offer quad HD resolution in the smartphone version this year.

It is also believed that Google will deliver three models for consumers to choose from in 2018, while the ecosystem that Google has already established can be considered one of the strongest in the mobile world. This all adds up to a more impressive Google Pixel release in 2018, but whether its new features will match up to the Apple and Samsung product range remains to be seen.

Apple is well-placed to boss the Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9 war, considering that the existing iPhone X is already regarded to be an absolutely outstanding smartphone. In order to improve the iPhone range, the eleventh major smartphone from the Californian corporation is expected to embed several features within the display of the unit.

Battery lifecycle will also be a focus of the iPhone 11, with all three iPhone releases in 2018 utilizing a more advanced hardware and software design which will provide a more accurate estimation of both power requirements and the capability to stabilize overall system performance.

Reality and augmented reality will also be a focus of the iPhone 11 generation, with Apple expected to build on a the Face ID functionality included last year. With the iPhone X Plus expected to have a huge 6.5-inch display, the iPhone 11 will also benefit from the best screen ever included in an Apple device.

The photographic capabilities of the iPhone 11 will also be seriously beefed up, with Apple delivering a camera that provides 360-degree true depth sensing. There could also be a megapixel boost for the snapper included in the iPhone 11, while there have been some reports that the device will embrace 5G connectivity.

Apple certainly won’t drop the ball with the iPhone 11, and will instead release a device that is a serious step forward over the iPhone X. This is succinctly illustrated by the fact that reports already suggest that Apple will phase out the iPhone X this year, despite its commercial and critical success.

The Galaxy S9 will be the first smartphone to fire a shot in the Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9 battle, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will win the war. Samsung had two absorb some negative headlines early in 2018, as benchmarking suggested that the smartphone will not perform as capably as the existing iPhone X.

However, the Korean corporation is beginning to tease some of the biggest Galaxy S9 features, with marketing indicating that super slow motion will come to the Galaxy S9 this year. This will provide a staggering 1,000 frames per second option for slow motion shooting, while the smartphone will also deliver 4K resolution video at an impressive 120 frames per second.

Driving this increased performance will be the Snapdragon 845 processor, for which it is already presumed that Samsung has signed an exclusivity deal. The Galaxy S9 and and Galaxy S9 Plus will both require this extra power, as it is also suggested that low-light photography in the two devices will be improved significantly.

Facial recognition could also make its debut in the Galaxy S9 series, while Samsung will add animjois to the pot as well. With the bezels of the device being slimmed down further still, the Galaxy S9 will also deliver a large display in the most compact design that Samsung has yet to release. But the focus will definitely be on photography, if the early Samsung marketing is to be believed.

Coral Blue Galaxy S9
Image source: Evan Blass/Twitter

When looking at the Google Pixel 3 vs iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S9 comparison, it is clear that Apple is the most willing to gamble in 2018. This is, of course, easier for the Californian corporation due to its dominant market position. But it will be genuinely impressive if Apple chooses to release the three devices that are currently being linked with its product range for 2018, as there seems little pressure on the corporation to deliver this following the widespread acceptance and celebration of the iPhone X.

The Google Pixels 3 has ground to make on the other two devices, and will solidify its performance in 2018 rather than offering something revolutionary. Meanwhile, it will be intriguing to see the high specification photographic capabilities linked with the Galaxy S9, and to what extent these improve photographs taken by the unit.

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