Google Announces Rollout Of YouTube Live TV To Roku And Apple TV

YouTube live TV will available on Apple TV and Roku devices today, according to a recent announcement from Google.

YouTube Live TV
Sibent / Pixabay

YouTube Live TV

The announcement regarding the launch of YouTube live TV on the new devices was revealed in a tweet from the official YouTube TV account, telling Apple TV users that the capability to use the app on tvOS devices is coming soon. Recent news also suggested that compatible Roku devices had received the capability to stream YouTube live TV as well.

While the YouTube live TV capabilities on Apple TV are a welcome addition, the path towards getting the service launched on devices like Apple’s streaming platform and the Roku has been a bit of a rocky road. Since the YouTube live TV launch back in Spring of 2017, Google has been working to get their new service included on third-party mainstream streaming devices. Back in December, Google announced that the app for Roku and Apple TV would be delayed until the first quarter of 2018 after the company failed to meet a deadline that was set back in early October. Earlier today, however, after the Roku release was announced, a YouTube representative told the media that Apple TV support for YouTube live TV was coming “very soon.”

The YouTube live TV service is a welcome addition to the likes of PlayStation Vue and Sling, allowing users to bypass mainstream cable providers to access their premium channels for a single $35 fee. While the service is currently only available in around 80 metro areas, the company has plans to continue rollouts as time goes on. At the time of this article, the YouTube live TV has more than 50 channels as part of the base package, with more channels available as purchasable add-ons.

Google and Amazon

Although we now have access to YouTube live TV on Apple and Roku devices, the chances of Amazon Fire users getting access to the service is pretty low at this point. Google and Amazon have been embroiled in an ongoing battle, with both sides making moves to harm the other as they compete for a greater presence for their streaming devices. Amazon declines to list Google Chromecast devices on their site, which closes off a major source of potential sales. Additionally, the company reverse-engineered Google’s YouTube app for their Fire devices, causing it to bypass ads that make up the majority of Google’s income from the service. In response, Google has pulled all things YouTube related off of Amazon apps with no sign that they will be restored.

With how ubiquitous YouTube has become, not having access to the service on an entire family of streaming devices is unfortunate for the consumer. Amazon users will be stuck without YouTube live TV at this point, but luckily it’s possible to get a streaming device like a Roku that is capable of showing the content for a relatively affordable price.

If you’re an Apple TV or Roku owner, you can now download YouTube live TV on your device and get access to a large number of channels for a price that is more affordable than traditional cable service.