Galaxy S9 vs New iPhone: Comparison of the best rumored features

Galaxy S9 vs New iPhone: Comparison of the best rumored features
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With the Samsung flagship set to launch in the next few weeks, it is an interesting time to consider how the Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone comparison will shape up. While the iPhone X was a huge success for Apple, it is already believed that the consumer electronics giant will replace the revolutionary smartphone with a major new device next year. And this won’t be the incremental upgrade that could be anticipated, but instead another reboot of the entire iPhone concept.

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Thus, the smartphone marketplace in 2018 is set to be defined to some extent by this Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone face-off. And with the Galaxy S9 ready to be unveiled on February 25, many aspects of this new smartphone have already been leaked into the public domain.

Design will obviously be a key aspect of the Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone comparison, and it is thus interesting to note that the Galaxy S9 will be extremely similar to its predecessor. Leaks have already indicated that Samsung will barely change the design of the Galaxy S9 in comparison to the Galaxy S8, leaving Apple with something of an open goal in this department.

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With early rumors suggesting that Apple will indeed produce a revolutionary iPhone XI in 2018, it is said that the screen will dominate the front panel of the device, with the next iPhone release being virtually bezel-free. It does sound as if the Californian company’s release will create a greater impact and impression than the Galaxy S9 currently.

Display technology is one area in which Samsung has traditionally had the edge over Apple. But this won’t necessarily be the case in the Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone battle. Not only is Apple being linked with a 6.5-inch iPhone XI release that will be the largest in its history, but this could even exceed any screen released by Samsung this year.

Resolution will also be of great importance, so it is disappointing for Android fans to note that the Galaxy S9 is not expected to deliver 4K resolution. Although Samsung devices are continually linked with this increasingly mainstream screen resolution technology, there is no particular reason to believe that Samsung will extend the Galaxy S9 beyond the quad HD of the previous generation.

This provides Apple with the opportunity to become the first major smartphone player to deliver a 4K mobile, but this is probably rather unlikely. The consumer electronics giant already delivered its highest ever screen resolution in the iPhone X generation, and considering that it will produce the largest ever OLED display in 2018, it seems rather a lot to also expect 4K resolution to be delivered as well.

Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone
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Camera provisions will naturally be a central focus of the Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone war, and this is one area where both developers will be looking to put their personal stamp on the device releases. Samsung is apparently particularly focused on the super slow-motion capabilities of the Galaxy S9, while Apple will release three dual-camera driven devices this year, and arm them with superior low-light shooting capabilities.

Both smartphone manufacturers will also be looking to cram in several new features into their smartphones, and it will be interesting to compare the Galaxy S9 to the new iPhone in this regard. It is widely anticipated that Samsung will consider a similar Face ID system to that already included in the iPhone in the foreseeable future, but whether this will arrive in the Galaxy S9 generation is debatable.

Instead, Samsung may opt for the embedded fingerprint technology that both Apple and Samsung had hoped to provide before now. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to particularly focus on the augmented reality capabilities of the iPhone XI, considering the public statements it has made in support of this concept.

Battery lifecycle will also be important to both of these two devices, and both manufacturers are expected to make improvements in an attempt to address this ever important area. Apple has lagged behind Samsung significantly in previous releases, and this is likely to continue in the iPhone XI generation, considering that reports already indicate that Samsung is increasing the cell size of the Galaxy S9.

Pricing will be absolutely critical in the Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone comparison, and we can reasonably expect Samsung to have an edge here once more. The $50 gap between the Apple iPhone and Galaxy Note ranges will probably be repeated once more in 2018, meaning that the Galaxy S9 will be significantly more affordable than the top of the range iPhone.

With the last generation Apple release having cost $1,000, we can reasonably expect the 2018 release to exceed this price point significantly. This will be psychologically important, no matter how sought after the iPhone XI may be, and will always provide Samsung with something of an advantage with its more affordable Galaxy S9 release, which will probably retail in the region of $899.

In conclusion, the Galaxy S9 vs new iPhone battle will dominate the smartphone landscape in this calendar year, and It seems that the new Apple device is set to be the outstanding unit once more. Early rumors related to the Galaxy S9 suggest that the benchmarking of the device will be inferior to the iPhone X, and Apple now has the opportunity to ramp up the pressure on the Samsung further still with an outstanding iPhone XI release.

One thing that can be said strongly in favor of the Galaxy S9 is that it is significantly more affordable than the new iPhone will be, and this can be said confidently even though Samsung has yet to release the price! This makes it a value for money smartphone in relative terms, but it looks like the Apple iPhone series will deliver the knockout blows once more in this heavyweight bout.

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