Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus [Comparison]

Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus [Comparison]
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With Samsung’s new flagships now officially revealed, everyone’s wondering how exactly they stack up against existing industry powerhouses. We compare the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus to help determine which smartphone is the best bet when it comes time to upgrade.

The Galaxy S9 Plus is the most hotly anticipated phone of the past few months, representing the start of the next generation of high-end flagships from the most successful Android manufacturer worldwide. There are a number of metrics with which we can compare the phones when considering the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus, and an important part of that equation is aesthetics.

While the most important part of any smartphone release is its performance and features, there’s something to be said for the design of a high-end phone looking as good as it functions. With the Galaxy S9 Plus, we have the same slim-bezel design that we saw in the Galaxy S8 Plus, and it’s truly one of the best looking phones on the market – blazing the trail for the future of smartphone design. The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, is starting to