Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus [Comparison]

Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus [Comparison]
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With Samsung’s new flagships now officially revealed, everyone’s wondering how exactly they stack up against existing industry powerhouses. We compare the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus to help determine which smartphone is the best bet when it comes time to upgrade.

The Galaxy S9 Plus is the most hotly anticipated phone of the past few months, representing the start of the next generation of high-end flagships from the most successful Android manufacturer worldwide. There are a number of metrics with which we can compare the phones when considering the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus, and an important part of that equation is aesthetics.

While the most important part of any smartphone release is its performance and features, there’s something to be said for the design of a high-end phone looking as good as it functions. With the Galaxy S9 Plus, we have the same slim-bezel design that we saw in the Galaxy S8 Plus, and it’s truly one of the best looking phones on the market – blazing the trail for the future of smartphone design. The iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, is starting to show its age with a somewhat dated design. While Apple is the king of aesthetics, it can’t quite compete with the sleek new aesthetic of Samsung’s latest flagship when comparing the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus.

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In terms of display, the Galaxy also comes out on top. Samsung has some of the best display technology around, and while the iPhone X certainly gives the new flagship a run for its money, the display on the iPhone 8 Plus is lackluster when compared to the latest and greatest from Samsung. The Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus battle in terms of screen quality is another easy win for Samsung.

While the iPhone X is currently one of the fastest phones on the market, the iPhone 8 Plus is a bit of a step down from the company’s current premier device. While we have yet to see the Galaxy S9 Plus in action, the fact that it is packing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip gives us a good indicator that the Samsung model will blow Apple out of the water when comparing the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus. While processor speeds aren’t necessarily the only consideration when it comes to phone performance, it certainly plays a large part and will help elevate Samsung’s device above the competition.

Battery life also goes to Samsung pretty easily, with a Galaxy S9 Plus capacity of 3500 mAh when compared to the 2691 mAh of the iPhone 8 Plus. While most high-end flagships will last all day on a single charge, the S9 Plus battery will go above and beyond once we get our hands on this new device.

An area where Apple does come out on top when comparing the Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone 8 Plus is price, with the latter being slightly less expensive than Samsung’s latest flagship. However, this small benefit doesn’t really outweigh all of the advantages that Samsung’s device has over the competition.

At the end of the day, we feel that it’s clear that the Galaxy S9 Plus is the superior phone. However, a more fair comparison would be looking at the iPhone X rather than the 8 Plus, as that’s the best that Apple has to offer.

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