Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update Rolls Out To Select Users

Galaxy Note 8 Oreo Update Rolls Out To Select Users

While Android’s newest operating system has been out for quite some time, there’s a shockingly low adoption across the majority of devices. It appears as if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update is beginning to roll out, however, with a user on the Samsung forums confirming that they received an update that brought the new build to their device.


The customer who is now taking advantage of the Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update is an AT&T customer, and described the process of the unexpected update in a forum post.

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“So who’s note 8 updated to oreo. I noticed the other day I had an update followed steps and updated. What I thought was weird is that the phone did a reset and I had to redo everything. I was out of town and forgot my gear watch charger so after charging it I tried to connect to my watch which failed every time saying I needed to update gear software. I tired and nothing worked. So I looked at what version of android I was running and saw my phone updated to 8.0 oreo . I checked online and I guess Samsung hasn’t released oreo to the note 8 yet.”

In order to find more information regarding the Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update, Piunikaweb did some digging and found that a Samsung moderator had stated that “Oreo is rolling out in many regions already. Others will be in the next month.”

However, despite this moderator’s confirmation regarding the rollout of a Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update, multiple other Samsung officials have denied that the update is currently being released. It’s bizarre that just a few users would receive the update – almost making us wonder whether the quiet patch was a mistake rather than intended. With a process as major as implementing a Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update and bringing such a major company’s flagship to the most current build, you’d think there would be a little more fanfare regarding the occurrence.

The same user that had announced the Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update also reported that the build was working well and was an overall upgrade from the previous release.

“So far everything is working great phone actually runs smoother. Battery life has gone way up. Only a few apps are loading slower but I’m guessing its because they haven’t updated to see the 8.0 OS. Camera runs smoother and feels faster. There are more settings to tweak with now which I like. Messenger got a overhaul and so did the keyboard which I kinda like. I always used swiftkey and I don’t think I’ll go back. So far everything is stable.”

Whether this Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update was intended to roll out to just a few people or whether it was a mistake on the part of Samsung or a mobile carrier remains to be seen, and we’ve been getting mixed messages from Samsung representatives. Regardless of whether this was intentional or made in error, it’s a confirmation that we’ll see one of Samsung’s premier flagships finally moved over to Oreo sooner rather than later – marking another high-end phone that has made the jump to the latest build of Android.

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