Free Google Home Mini Codes Missing For Pixel 2 Owners

Free Google Home Mini Codes Missing For Pixel 2 Owners

Back when Google first announced the Pixel 2 smartphones last year, they also announced a promotion in which those who were purchasing the new flagships would be able to receive a smart speaker for free. Many Pixel users still haven’t received their Google Home Mini order codes, which is very concerning considering that the last day to reserve the free speaker is February 28.

The problem with the Google Home Mini order codes doesn’t seem to be affecting everyone, with many people receiving their devices without any issue. However, Piunikaweb reports that there’s still a sizeable portion of Pixel 2 early adopters who haven’t been able to reserve their Google Home Mini – and the deadline for code entry is coming dangerously close.

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Complaints are filling various web forums, with angry and worried owners taking to the Google Forums, Reddit, and Twitter in order to voice their displeasure and concern regarding the lack of a code for the Google Home Mini.

“I picked up the pixel 2 xl in early Dec 2017 when they had a promo for the free google home mini. They told me I had to wait 6-8 weeks for an email voucher. I waited. Nothing. Contacted Google and they said they’d “look into it”. That was 2 weeks ago. I contacted them again and they said that they’re still “investigating”.”

“I ordered mine December 29th and still haven’t gotten the code”

“same here, bought around 13 December… code at all”

“I ordered my Pixel 2 XL on December 20th from the UK Google play store. I’m pretty sure the deal included a free Google Home Mini (to be delivered within 4-6 weeks) , but I’ve never received any email confirming this.”

Multiple users have reported that following up regarding the lack of a Google Home Mini code does produce results, so if you’re waiting on a code, make sure to get in contact with Google to make sure you don’t miss out on part of your Pixel 2 deal.

“I got mine about a week ago. Ordered late December. I followed up with Google support and a few days later I got my code. They told me it could take weeks.”

“I had to call them and then got my code. Still had to pay shipping.”

“Took me about 15 emails/phone calls with Google before a rep was finally able to get me a code in real-time. This was after 9 weeks from ordering (Canada). Absolutely ridiculous. Once I got the code and paid for shipping I had it within a day.”

Unfortunately, Google has yet to come forward with any explanation as to why these Google Home Mini codes weren’t delivered. While it seems as if they’re addressing the situation by issuing codes to those who never received them, there will likely be a good portion of the user base that doesn’t think to contact Google before the 28th. If you’re a Pixel owner that hasn’t yet received their Google Home Mini, consider contacting Google support in order to get the bonus you deserve.

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