Fix Snapchat “Check Your Connection” Error: Here’s How To

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Users are now receiving a Snapchat “Check Your Connection” error if they’re using an unofficial version of the app.

Users from around the web are reporting the Snapchat “Check Your Connection” error, but there’s one commonality between the vast majority of them: they’re using a third-party version of the Snapchat app.

Snapchat has been cracking down on non-official forms of software that connect illegitimately to their service, giving them a Snapchat “Check Your Connection” error. If you’re one of the unlucky users that are dealing with this problem, worry not, as there is a fix.

Receiving such an error is a major setback for avid users of the app who don’t want to use the official software for one reason or another, and while there is a way to fix it, it involves downloading the official app and switching your usage over from programs like Snapchat++ to the original client, or sideloading a new version of the app.

By switching over from the non-official version to plain old Snapchat, the Snapchat “Check Your Connection” error should be resolved moving forward. However, if you’re a user of Snapchat++ and don’t want to live without the modifications and improvements, Redmondpie reports that you can download version 10.18.1 and above in order to bypass Snapchat’s check for modified software.

In order to obtain the 10.18.1 update, you’ll need to sideload it into your device, but doing so should allow you to keep on using your favorite version of the Snapchat software – spoofing Snapchat and getting rid of the annoying error that is keeping many users from accessing their favorite snaps and stories.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that Snap Inc could implement code at any point in time that will cause a similar issue, and it’s possible that services like Snapchat++ might not always be able to keep up. If that happens, it’s likely that the Snapchat “Check Your Connection” error might not be able to be resolved in the future. We’re fortunate that a sideloaded version of the 10.18.1 update fixes the issue for now, but the modified and improved version of your favorite social media experience might not always be as easily accessible as it is today. It’s possible, too, that your account could be banned in the future, so it may be in your best interest to get used to using the vanilla version of the Snapchat app in case Snap continues to lock down their social media service.

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