What To Expect From The PS4 5.50 Update

PS4 5.50 updateImage source: PlayStation

Registration for the beta testing of the PS4 5.50 update has been open for a short while, and it appears as if the beta is now officially underway. Sony has now announced what we can expect from this upcoming major update.

PS4 5.50 Update

The changes coming with the PS4 5.50 update affect the system across the board. While there aren’t necessarily any huge changes to the way the system works, there are some tweaks that are designed to make the user experience a little more organized. Whether these changes actually make a big difference in a console that is already pretty streamlined remains to be seen, but there are changes coming regardless.

Game Library

One of the main changes with the PS4 5.50 update is that the game Library has now been divided into two different areas. One of the sections allows you to see everything you’ve purchased on your account, while the other shows only what’s currently installed on your console. This change should serve to make it easier to figure out what you actually have on your system and available to play.

Another section of the library allows you to see what games you currently own through PlayStation Plus, keeping in mind that you’ll lose access to said games should your subscription lapse. If this happens, the games will be shown with a lock icon on top of the PS Plus logo, making it more obvious that re-subscribing will restore access to those games. Another new option with the PS4 5.50 update will allow you to hide certain items from the Purchased list, which will likely be used for game demos, trials, and betas that you’ll no longer want once the full game releases.


While custom wallpapers were previously implemented to some extent, the PS4 5.50 update allows users to import any issue they’d like to apply as the PS4 background. This is accomplished via a new USB storage device option on the Themes area of the Settings menu. This feature also includes some basic options for editing the image, such as zooming and cropping (but don’t expect Photoshop level results from these rudimentary tools.)

Parental Controls

As a feature primarily designed for parents of children, the new Play Time Management feature coming with the PS4 5.50 update will allow tracking of how much the PS4 is used. This will also allow parents to set playtime limits – even from a PC or smartphone. Notifications will be sent to the player about the impending cut off allowing them to find a place to save, but there’s also the option for an immediate sign out as well.


Previously, we had gotten word of a PS4 Pro supersampling feature that will allow users without a 4K TV to see their games rendered at a higher resolution that is then downscaled to the resolution of their TV’s display. While gamers may see some framerate issues with the use of this new option, it will be interesting to see how much of a difference the supersampling coming with the PS4 5.50 update actually makes.

Miscellaneous Features and Release

Additional features include Quick Menu improvements that add shortcut buttons for media controls and access to individual friends, as well as customization options for team pages in Tournaments.

If you’re waiting on a beta invite, make sure you keep an eye on your email. Otherwise, there’s currently no word on a public release. We certainly hope it’s soon, though, as a lot of the changes coming with the PS4 5.50 update seem as if they will change the system for the better.

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