Trump Not The Only One Who Wants To Arm Teachers

Trump Not The Only One Who Wants To Arm Teachers
Berzin / Pixabay

It’s not just President Trump, some conservative allies in CPAC, and the NRA who want some teachers armed, notes public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who is being quoted in favor of allowing teachers who are already licensed to carry concealed weapons to do so in schools, but to use only bullets which cannot ricochet or penetrate walls, and to likewise permit those unwilling to use guns to carry Mace-like defensive sprays, especially in the most compelling circumstances.

He points out that many rural schools may be located 20, 30, or even more minutes away from the nearest sheriff or other armed responder, and that even 10 minutes would permit a single student shooter armed with perfectly legal firearms to kill literally hundreds of students and teachers free from any armed opposition. This is far too long to expect students to be hiding under desks, or hoping that teachers can effectively attack an armed shooter with blackboard pointers or computer cables, he suggests.

Fortunately, it is at schools in rural areas where a significant number of teachers are likely to already have concealed weapons training and permits, so that simply no longer requiring them to give up their weapons while on school property could be done easily and quickly. Citizens in such rural communities are also more likely to be comfortable with guns than those living in cities, and to appreciate the risk when the nearest armed help is often so far away.

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