Apple HomePod Preorders Are Shipping Now

Apple HomePod Preorders Are Shipping Now
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Apple unveiled their smart speaker last year but had delayed it several times. Apple HomePod preorders are shipping now, however, and will be delivered on February 9.

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As a latecomer to the smart speaker scene, the Apple HomePod preorders are shipping several years after the release of alternative options such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo. The HomePod preorders give Apple users the opportunity to add a high-end smart speaker from their favorite company that interfaces seamlessly with Mac and iOS devices.

Although there have been questions as to whether the device is actually necessary, the Apple HomePod preorders have shown that there’s definitely a market for almost any Apple product. While it’s certainly a little late when compared to the competition, Apple is taking a different approach to their speaker by offering a luxury device that prioritizes sound quality over its smart features.

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While the smart speaker will certainly have all the “smart” accouterments we’ve come to expect from the device, in addition to unique Siri functionality that can answer questions like “Who plays Bass on this song?”, the Apple HomePod preorders allowed customers to lock in a day one delivery of a speaker that has a number of audio advantages over its competitors.

At this point, we’re still not 100% sure how the HomePod will perform in comparison to speakers like the Google Home that do offer some impressive acoustics, but from the specifications, it’s appearing as if Apple’s smart speaker may just have what it takes to capture a significant portion of the market. In addition to the loyal following to the brand, Apple HomePod preorders will deliver a speaker with a number of impressive features.

The HomePod includes a “high-excursion woofer with custom amplifier” alongside “an array of seven horn-loaded tweeters, each with its own custom amplifier.” We’ll also see low-frequency calibration microphones in order to provide bass correction, beamforming to adjust the audio to suit the size and layout of the room, and “transparent studio-level dynamic processing.

Additionally, the Apple HomePod is also a larger speaker. This is both a benefit and a drawback, however. The bigger size could very well improve audio quality, but it also makes the speaker rather unwieldy and more difficult to move. While the Apple HomePod preorders are intended to provide a stationary media center with superior sound quality, the difficulty of relocating it could also be viewed as a problem when compared to more portable competition like the Amazon Echo.

For those invested in the ecosystem, the Apple HomePod preorders finally provide the option to add smart speaker functionality that interfaces seamlessly with their favorite devices. With the incredible sales of the iPhone X over the holiday season, it’s likely that we’ll continue to see HomePod sales as more and more Apple users seek out the opportunity to use AirPlay to play content on a high-end speaker. With AirPlay 2 coming soon, the functionality and convenience of these systems should only increase.

As mentioned above,  Apple HomePod preorders are already beginning to ship, with speakers arriving in the next few days.

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