Xiaomi Mi 7 Render Gives Detailed Look At Upcoming Phone

We’ve seen a number of leaks thus far regarding Xiaomi’s upcoming phone, and a Xiaomi Mi 7 render has recently surfaced that gives us a detailed look at the upcoming phone.

xiaomi mi 7 render

Image courtesy of GizChina

Xiaomi Mi 7 Render

This render seems to be reliable, but it’s important to take any leaks ahead of an announcement with a grain of salt. As with any pre-release information, the features suggested by this Xiaomi Mi 7 render are subject to change.

The image, included above courtesy of GizChina, shows that minimal-bezel design we’ve seen from the majority of flagships this generation. The top bezel is a little more prominent than the bottom and sides, but overall the impact is very low. The effort to make screens larger and bezels smaller has made it difficult to include much at all on the front of the phone, which has resulted in a rear-facing fingerprint scanner. While many companies are working to develop under-display sensors, it appears as if the Xiaomi Mi 7 render doesn’t take advantage of that new technology. Also featured on the rear of the phone is a dual-LED flash as well as the Xiaomi logo.

The display of the Xiaomi Mi 7 render features rounded corners, which seems to match up nicely with what we’ve seen from the majority of high-end smartphones this year, and the phone seems to be made out of metal, which should give it a premium feel. It’s important to note that a Xiaomi Mi 7 render leaked last week and seemed to show a completely different setup for the back of the phone, so design is still up in the air and we can’t arrive at a solid version of what we can expect from this upcoming phone.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Launch and Features

It’s expected that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will launch at the Mobile World Congress held on February 26th in Barcelona, but we haven’t gotten a confirmation as to whether ot not they’re making an announcement. The Xiaomi Mi 6 was launched after the MWC, as Xiaomi wasn’t present at the event. The fact that the company will be making an appearance has fans hopeful that the phone behind this Xiaomi Mi 7 render will finally be announced.

As far as confirmed specifications go, the company has already stated that the flagship will ship with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor – ensuring that it has power to compete with offerings from companies like Samsung and LG. Other expected features include wireless charging, which likely means that we’ll see a glass back included on the device in order to better enable this technology. We’ll see at least 6GB of RAM, and the phone will run MUI 9 based off of Android Nougat.

While Xiaomi is a major player in their home country of China, they have yet to gain any major traction in the West. It remains to be seen whether this powerful flagship has what it takes to take the spotlight off of industry giants like Apple and Samsung. Hopefully we can confirm the design and features included in this Xiaomi Mi 7 render at the Mobile World Congress

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