Only Weeks After Shutting Shop, Tilson Launches Seminar Entitled “How to Launch and Build a Hedge Fund”

From Whitney Tilson’s latest email – presented without comment

Just a quick reminder that I’m hosting two free information sessions in midtown tomorrow (Wednesday) from noon-1:00pm and 6:00-7:00pm about my new business, Kase Learning, and our three new programs:

1)    An intensive, three-day, 36-hour bootcamp entitled Lessons from the Trenches: Value Investing, Entrepreneurship and Life

–     The first three will be February 6-8th, March 26-28th, and April 30-May 2nd

2)    A one-day seminar entitled How to Launch and Build a Hedge Fund

–     The first three will be February 9th, March 29th and April 29th

–     Can be taken as an optional 4th day of a bootcamp or a stand-alone day

3)    A one-day conference on May 3rd entitled The Art, Pain and Opportunity of Short Selling


The information sessions tomorrow are at the ISIE Business School, 165 West 57th Street, 2nd Floor (directly across the street from Carnegie Hall). You can register here:


If you can’t make either of the information sessions, no worries: we’re doing two more at the same times on Tuesday, Jan. 30th (same registration link as above). In addition, we are videotaping the sessions tomorrow and I’ll send out links to them once they’re edited and posted. Lastly, we’re finalizing our web site and registration page for all of these programs – I’ll include the links to both in my next email.