Sony Releases List Of Free PS4 Plus Games For January

Sony Releases List Of Free PS4 Plus Games For January
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To kick off the new year, Sony has released a list of free PS4 Plus games for the month of January – exclusively for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Free PS4 Plus Games

The free PS4 Plus games usually consist of older titles, but there are some great gems that are free to pick up this month such as Deus Ex: mankind Divided and Batman: The Telltale Series with no strings attached – other than the monthly PS4 Plus fee, of course.

The best of the best for this month’s free PS4 Plus games will probably be Deus Ex: Mankind Divided as mentioned above. As a AAA game that is easy to sink a huge amount of hours into, it’s clearly steal for the low price of free. As the sequel to the original dystopian cyberpunk roleplaying game, Mankind Divided lets you play as Adam Jensen, tasked with catching a terrorist group. Choose to do so as a stealthy detective, or wreak havoc as a high-teched killing machine to get the job done.

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