Ray Dalio – The Hero’s Journey

Ray Dalio – The Hero’s Journey

As You Think About the New Year, I Suggest You Think About What Journey You’re On

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There are only a limited number of personality types and a limited number of types of journeys through life. It’s important to recognize what personality type you are and what type of journey you're on and then find where on that journey you are so you know what will come next and how to handle it. I'd like to pass one of these by you.

The personality that has a taste for adventure, willingness to fight for right and eventually puts the interests of others of his/her own, goes on a Hero's Journey. While there are many other types of journeys that are equally good, I'd like to show you this type to see if it resonates with you. If so, I suggest that you find your spot on it and pay attention to what is likely to come next and how to handle it well. Pay particular attention to the "abyss" and "the metamorphosis" that changes the hero to bring him/her much greater success. If you would like to read more about the hero's journey I suggest you read more in Principles or read Joseph Campbell's Hero of A Thousand Faces.

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