Oxford University To Boost Math Scores For Females

Oxford University To Boost Math Scores For Females
composita / Pixabay

Oxford University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, is concerned that its female students are doing far less well than its male students on math and computer science exams, and has adopted a novel remedy which critics have reportedly slammed “as ‘sexist’ as they believe it suggests that women are the weaker sex.”

Since it involves nothing more than extending the time for students to take such exams, and the extension applies equally to male and female students alike, it is hard to see how it could reasonably be characterized as “sexist,” says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who nevertheless suggests that the change might do little to eliminate the disparity because of what may be called tail differences.

Many claim the females do as well in math as males, and there is considerable data to back up that claim. However, for least 40 years, boys have consistently earned significantly higher math scores on the SATs, and almost twice as many boys continue to land in the 700 to 800 SAT score range (800 is perfect).

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