Nike Releases PG2 PlayStation Shoes

Nike Releases PG2 PlayStation Shoes
Image source: Nike

Nike recently released a pair of PlayStation-inspired shoes by working together with basketball player Paul George, known as the PG2.

PlayStation Shoes

This pair of PlayStation-themed sneakers are not the first line of shoes from George, having previously launched the PG1. This sequel is generating a lot of positive hype, and provides a marked departure from the original Nike shoes.

Perhaps most notable about these PlayStation sneakers are the lights that are reminiscent of Sony’s signature DualShock controller. The buttons that control these lights are located on the tongue of the shoes, bearing both the PlayStation and PG Logos. In addition to a general toggle switch, there is also a lighting mode that causes the sneakers to pulse, flicker, and vibrate – just like the PlayStation controller.

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One downside to the Nike PG2 sneakers is the limited battery life of the lights. As a pair of shoes that costs over $100, it’s a little disappointing that the lifespan of the lights is limited to around 150 hours – especially considering that the internal batteries are non-replaceable. After a while of usage, you may find that your PlayStation-themed shoes aren’t really reminiscent of the console any longer. However, the blue rubber soles of the shoe do glow in the dark, so you won’t find the shoes completely devoid of cool features should the shoe batteries burn out.

According to George, Nike worked in tandem with PlayStation – who also provided the Galaxy graphic that covers the sock liner in the shoe. Those who are interested in translating the theme of the shoe to their favorite console will find a PSN voucher code embedded on the back of the left shoe that will let you bring the design of the liner into your PS4.

The design of the PlayStation sneaker is pretty detailed, with strict attention to detail – even down to the shoe’s eyelets that are designed after the color of the controller’s buttons: green, blue, pink, and purple. In an effort to improve the comfort of the shoe and make them practical in addition to aesthetically pleasing, Nike has included bigger Nike Zoom Air units in the front foot section for extra cushioning.

An Untapped Market

While George is currently a star basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder, he’s also an avid video game player, and this collaboration with Nike brings together his love of sports with his passion for gaming. While the PG2 are the most recent video game shoes to hit the market, they are far from the only nerdy shoes to make the news. The Verge reports that Sega released shoes in 2015, while Nintendo has also launched sneakers in collaboration with Vans that feature their famous characters.

This working relationship between George, Sony, and Nike is beneficial for all parties involved, and hopefully marks a continued trend of unique shoes. Luxury sneakers from the likes of Nike continue to enjoy immense popularity, but gaming and nerd culture is market that is largely-untapped by the sneaker market. There are a shortage of themed shoes that combine high-quality craftsmanship with aesthetics that are interesting to the millions of people around the world who might want to get their hands on a PlayStation themed Nike.

If you’d like to get your hands on the Nike PG2 shoes, you should do so sooner rather than later. The shoes are limited edition, and will be available worldwide starting on February 10th for $110. It remains to be seen whether the PG2 will take the market by storm, or be largely viewed as a novelty. If the success of the PG1 is any indication, we imagine the PG2 will sell quite well.

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