Recent Reports Suggest New Apple Macs In Development

Apple iMac

Recent reports from Bloomberg suggest that three new Apple Macs are in development with custom co-processors, including new notebooks and a new desktop.

The report from Bloomberg suggests that we may see these new Apple Macs as early as this year, but doesn’t mention which models they will be. It’s likely that these new models will be updates to one of their existing lineups rather than a brand new type of product entirely, meaning we could see a new MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro laptops or an iMac, iMac, Pro, or even a Mac mini from their desktop line.


MacRumors suggests that the new Apple Macs are most likely to include a MacBook and MacBook Pro due to the fact that they haven’t seen an upgrade in quite some time. With the MacBook Air not seeing any major updates since March 2015, it’s well overdue for a refresh with one of the custom co-processors in development for these new Apple Macs.

The MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar released back in 2016 which is slightly more recent, but it’s possible that these new chips could potentially take on more secondary tasks while the main Intel processor handles the brunt of the computer’s needs. Currently, Apple’s custom T1 chips authenticate and secure Touch ID and Apple Pay. A brand new processor that comes with the new Apple Macs could very well add new features and better performance with less load on the main Intel equipment.

As far as other laptop possibilities for the new Apple Macs go, a rumor from DigiTimes suggests that Apple may release a low-end 13-inch MacBook in the second half of this year. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that DigiTimes has a questionable track record when it comes to reporting on reliable rumors.


MacRumors reports that as far as possible new desktops go, the new Apple Macs may include a new co-processor for the iMac. The iMac Pro already has a custom T2 chip in order to expand security and integrate several separate components such as the system management controller, audio controller, image signal processor, and SSD controller. It’s possible that in the new year, Apple may extend these features to their less expensive iMac line.

Apple has also confirmed that they’re working on a Mac Pro that is easily customizable, but we don’t have any confirmation as to a release date. It’s possible that it’s one of the new Apple Macs, but with the little information we have so far, it’s difficult to say. With over three years since a Mac Mini release, that product is also due for a refresh.

It’s impossible to say at this point which product lines will be represented in these three new Apple Macs, and it will likely be quite some time before we have a solid idea. There’s a possibility of a 2018 release, but specifics at this current time are pretty barebones. We’ll have to see which of Apple’s new products is due for a refresh, and the release of three new Apple Macs in a single year is certainly ambitious. With Apple’s recent track record of innovation and quick product releases, however, we wouldn’t be surprised.

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