If Your Kid Is Addicted To Apple’s iPhone Then Try This Monitoring System

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Apple investors recently expressed their concern about smartphone addiction and its long-term effects on the health and overall wellness of kids and teens. With this topic at the forefront of the tech space, I wanted to tell you how Circle With Disney is able to help parents keep tabs on device usage, ensuring online safety and healthy screen time parameters for their children. Pairing wirelessly with the user’s home network, Circle is a breeze to setup and the companion app gives parents full control over content and screen time with the following features:

  • Bedtime™ – Automatically disconnects devices from Wi-Fi at scheduled times
  • Pause – Ability to turn off network Wi-Fi at any time
  • Custom monitoring and control of the apps children access (ex.: Only 1 hour of Instagram per day)

I’m including more information below for your reference. If you’re interested in learning more about the effects of screen time of children, I’m more than happy to put you in touch with our resident child psychologist.

More info On Circle With Disney:

World’s first custom monitoring system to protect your family on the Internet

  • Device pairs wirelessly with router and instantly detects devices paired with local Wi-Fi network including: smart phones, gaming systems, laptops, tablets, smart TVs, etc.
  • The companion Circle with Disney app (currently available for iOS 8 or later), gives parents full control over which content is viewed and the time spent on each device
  • Through the dashboard, parents can create unique profiles for each family member with specific parental control settings such as:
    • Time Limits – Allows for complete control of screen time usage between a variety of apps, platforms and web-based programs
    • Bedtime™ – Automatically disconnects and reconnects devices from Wi-Fi at scheduled times
    • Filter – Set individual age and interest filters for each family member
    • Pause – Ability to turn off and turn on network Wi-Fi at any time
  • Intuitive insights allow parents to track and compare online usage from week to week, month to month, per site, by interest or category
  • Security at its core, Circle uses end-to-end encryption and ARP spoofing to keep data secure
  • ARP spoofing automatically monitors all traffic on the home network, and based on the pre-set parental controls, will allow or deny access to the users’ device
  • Circle with Disney app also recognizes guest devices and can apply a family’s home setting to visitors’ device and block ads from any device on the network
  • Fully compliant with COPPA standards
  • Simplistic design means Circle seamlessly blends into any home aesthetic
  • No software per device to install or monthly subscription required
  • Ethernet cord available for those with bandwidth concerns

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