John Sculley: Why AI Is The Tech Trend To Watch In 2018

John Sculley: Why AI Is The Tech Trend To Watch In 2018
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Former Apple CEO John Sculley talks about the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show and how AI is disrupting industries.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — an annual gathering that showcases next-generation technology innovations — took place in Las Vegas this week. Former Apple CEO John Sculley, who has attended the event since it first launched, notes that unlike the days when visitors saw “display after display of consumer electronics and flat-screen TVs,” the show is now “moving much more towards the capabilities of machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality — many of these things that are really software based and not hardware based.”

In an interview with the [email protected] show on SiriusXM channel 111, Sculley, who is also former CEO of Pepsi and co-founder of marketing technology company Zeta Global, talked about how CES has transformed and how he sees artificial intelligence (AI) taking hold across sectors. “AI is going to be foundational in every industry. I’m seeing it in fintech, market tech, health tech…. It’s one of those fundamental changes. In the previous industrial age, it was all about electricity and oil; in the future [AI is] going to be a commodity that will be deployed in many, many different ways, and will be something you can just plug into.”

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