When Will We See The iOS 11.3 Beta 2 Release Date?

After Apple’s recent announcement of iOS 11.3, the internet was ablaze with anticipation about the new features: namely, the ability to turn off throttling. With the first beta already out, the question on everyone’s mind is when the iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date will be.

iOS 11.3 Beta 2

As mentioned above, the first beta for iOS 11.3 is already in full swing, so what does that mean for the iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date? According to Redmondpie, Apple generally likes to leave around two weeks between the first release of the beta and the second update. As such, it’s likely that we’ll see that iOS 11.3 beta 2 around February 6th. The two weeks between beta 1 and iOS 11.3 beta 2 are generally the longest gap we’ll see between betas, as it gives Apple ample time to iron out any issues discovered with their first release. With the majority of major bugs and other issues often encountered right away with the large crowd of users testing the software, the majority of problems will be ironed out by the iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date – with subsequent beta releases being minor tweaks and fixed.

The iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date will likely usher in the new battery management features that will allow users to turn off throttling on their device. With the recent controversy surrounding the slowing of older iPhones in order to protect the device from the effects of an aging battery, Apple found themselves under fire by a customer base that was justifiably upset about the lack of transparency. After introducing discounts for battery replacements (now costing $29 rather than $79), Apple announced the release of the featuring coming with iOS 11.3 that would allow users to turn off battery management at their own risk. While turning off the throttling does open up aging batteries to the possibility of a crash or shutdown, at least at this point the users who were looking for more control now have an option to keep using the phone as they please.

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An Important Release

As mentioned above, the expected iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date will be sometime around February 6th, which will give the company time to take feedback into account and put fixes into action. Other features that may come with iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date include a redesign of the native Books app to make it more user-friendly, as well as the addition of four new Animojis for the iPhone X.

Apple has a lot riding on the successful launch of iOS 11.3. With the issue of the secret iPhone slowdowns, many users went out and bought a brand new phone when the problem was artificially induced by the device manufacturer. While the slow down may have been to protect aging phones from random crashes, the fact remains that a lot of people spent a lot of money unnecessarily which helps increase Apple’s sales through some secretive activity. If the company is to recapture some of that goodwill, the battery management feature, in particular, will need to impress a jaded customer base. It remains to be seen whether the iOS 11.3 beta 2 release date will show us a changed Apple that is committed to being more open with iOS users.