What We Know About The Galaxy Note 9 Release Date And Features

What We Know About The Galaxy Note 9 Release Date And Features
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may launch in August, and will improve upon the upgrades coming with the Galaxy S9.

For the last few generations, Samsung has had two main flagship lines: the Galaxy S line that represents the company’s standard high-end flagship, and the larger Galaxy Note line that features a signature stylus that offers something rather unique to the smartphone market.

While we don’t currently don’t know what exactly will be coming with the Galaxy Note 9 release date, we do know that the phone will be a notable upgrade over the current phone. Samsung has technology in development for an under-glass fingerprint scanner that would move the scanner from the back of the phone to the front while retaining an edge-to-edge display that gives the phone a premium aesthetic. As users have demanded bigger screens, smartphone companies have done their best to continue shrinking bezels due to the fact that making the phones themselves any larger isn’t very feasible. This under-display scanner should give the Galaxy Note 9 a bigger screen on the same sized phone.

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A recent patent that Samsung filed suggested that the Note 9 could also ship with new technology for the display, with a possible 4K resolution. If this rumored inclusion turns out to be false, we can at least expect a vibrant 6.3in Quad-HD+ (2960×1440, 18.5:9, 521ppi) Super AMOLED panel – similar to the Galaxy Note 8. We’ll also likely see the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 powering the device, providing a significant performance upgrade over the current generation.

Tech Advisor reports that the Galaxy Note 9 is codenamed “Crown,” and it’s clear that the Korean tech giant has high hopes for the upcoming device. After the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding batteries, Samsung managed to redeem themselves with a very successful Note 8. A new Galaxy Note 9 with additional features may re-establish the brand as the go-to Android flagship and put its unsavory explosive memories further into the past.

When Is the Galaxy Note 9 Release Date?

An official Galaxy Note 9 release date hasn’t been announced, but based on the previous launch schedule as well as the impending release of the Galaxy S9, we can make some educated guesses.

Last year, Samsung took a pass on September’s IFA tradeshow in order to announce a Galaxy Note 9 release date at an Unpacked event held in August. This was likely planned in order to avoid the hype of the other flagships launched at IFA, and getting their phone in the hands of consumers before the launch of of the new iPhone was obviously a priority for the company.

While the iPhone X captured the attention of the smartphone market over the holiday season, the Galaxy Note 8 still managed to sell very well. A Galaxy Note 9 release date with similar timing would make sense, as it would again position it ahead of the likely reveal of the new iPhone flagship.

We anticipate that the Galaxy Note 9 release date will be announced at the end of August, with the phones shipping in mid-September.

How Expensive Will The Galaxy Note 9 Be?

With any flagship purchase, the cost of such a luxury device is worth discussing. With the iPhone X breaking records for the most expensive phone with a starting price of close to $1000, it’s clear that phone prices are continuing to skyrocket – largely due to the rising price of this cutting-edge technology. The Galaxy Note 9 release date will be accompanied by a pretty severe blow to the wallet, with an anticipated price of around $800.

While $800 isn’t as outrageous as the price of the iPhone X, it’s still a pretty significant investment that warrants a lot of thought. There are a lot of choices on the market when it comes to high-end smartphones, and considering that much of the world doesn’t have the access (or desire) to lease a phone, that price will often have to be paid upfront.

With that said, the Galaxy Note 9 release date is a good ways away and there will likely be more information revealed as we get closer that will give us a better sense of whether or not the phone is worth a buy. While we don’t anticipate anything as radical of a reinvention as with the iPhone X, there should be enough features developed and included by the Galaxy Note 9 release date to warrant the upgrade. With the Galaxy S9 releasing in just a few weeks and being a largely iterative improvement, we certainly hope that the Galaxy Note 9 has a little more substance when it comes to new features. Samsung certainly has the capability for innovation, as evidenced by the rumored development of the Galaxy X – featuring a foldable screen. Whether or not we see that innovation roll over into the company’s standard flagships remains to be seen.

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