Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Launches Next Week

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Launches Next Week
Image source: Square Enix

Following on the tail of the Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition announcement, Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition will launch on mobile devices next week.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition will feature an art style much more in line with cartoons as opposed to the realism featured in the console games. The port to mobile is just one of the upcoming releases, with the Windows Edition coming to PC in March. We won’t have to wait quite that long for Final Fantasy 15 Pocket edition, however, as a launch date is set for February 9th.

Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition is set to launch for both iOS and Android phones next week, and has been tweaked to better suit mobile devices. Gamespot reports that the game is played from an isometric viewpoint and prompts players to guide their party around the world, battling enemies using the touchscreen.

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As far as monetization goes, the Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition story will be broken down into 10 episodic chapters – all of which will be available on launch day; the first chapter is available to play for free, but subsequent content will have to be purchased. Pre-registration for the game is already open, and players can do so using the App Store and Google Play.

An Expansive Legacy

With 2018 marking the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, it’s an important year for Square Enix. The company has stated that the year will be big for the IP, with Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition being just one of many pieces of content being added overall. The Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition will launch on March 6, bringing all DLC currently available in the season pass, in addition to a new dungeon, vehicle, and boss fights.

Square Enix has been pretty regular as far as releases for Final Fantasy 15 go. Downloadable content has come at a quick pace, with the most recent expansion, Episode Ignis, launching back in December. Episode Ignis is the latest of a series expanding the story behind the band of characters that you control throughout the game’s main story. In addition to these episodes, Square Enix has also released a multiplayer expansion that allows gamers to travel with a band of teammates and take on missions as a member of the Kingsglaive.

Square Enix continues to capitalize on the success of their most recent release with a number of spinoffs and add-ons, and Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition represents just another way users can experience the story of Noctis and his crew as they travel the world of Eos. Gamespot reports that Game Director Hajime Tabata expressed an interest to release “at least three” more DLC episodes in 2018, which will further round out the already expansive title.

Download Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition on both iPhone and Android phones starting February 9th, and prepare for Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition coming to consoles and PC in March.

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